Dom/sub Journal: What Is Your Purpose

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A slave waiting patiently but feeling blind to their true purpose

It is time to see

W/we all need to feel like W/we have purpose in O/our lives.  A person who does not have any sense of purpose can suffer from feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety.  Their days overwhelm them despite much of the time they feel like they have nothing to do.  They don’t have any plans for the future and any future ideas just cause more depress and stress.

Many submissives suffer from a mild form of this when they do not have a Dominant to serve or are with a Dominant who does not have a solid submissive training plan.  When there is no purpose (or plan that gives purpose) people can feel lost, abandoned which can lead to depression and/or anxiety.  It is detrimental to any form of submissive training, not to mention the damage it can do the a Dom/sub relationship and the person as a whole.

Since submissive training is meant to bring the best out of both people (Dom & sub) and develop a healthy life in and out of the dungeon, it is essential that purpose be examined.

Show them their purpose


  • What do you feel is your purpose in life (outside of your Dominant and BDSM)?
  • What do you feel is your purpose in your submissive training?
  • Do you feel having a purpose in your submissive training helps your overall well-being in life?


  • What do you feel is your purpose in life (outside of your submissive and BDSM)?
  • What do you feel is your purpose in submissive training?
  • Do you provide purpose to your submissive? If so, what purpose do you feel you provide?

Really take your time and think about your answers for these questions. Once you feel clear about what you believe your purpose is, come together with your partner and share your insights with each other. These answers can really open up the way the both of you view your future life together.

Feel free to share your feelings and opinions in the comment section below. Sharing is a great way for everyone to grow.

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By Master Bishop

The founder of the BDSM Training Academy. Master Bishop has been involved in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle for over 20 years. With a love for education both learning and teaching, Master Bishop has passed on his knowledge and experience to others entering into the BDSM lifestyle for over 15 years.

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1 thought on “Dom/sub Journal: What Is Your Purpose”

  1. i’ve been thinking about the connection between anxiety/depression and bdsm for a while now. this makes perfect sense! thank you for posting.

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