September 2011

Learning To Orgasm On Command

Train Your Body To Orgasm On Command

Quite a few people still believe that women’s bodies are these gigantic mysteries with some complex code needed to unlock the ever-elusive Orgasm. The misconception that women are unable to be easily aroused is false.

Women tend to be more easily stimulated by more cerebral things – better put, women’s minds need to be turned on first before their bodies will follow. So, with this in mind, when it comes to a female submissive wanting to orgasm on command for their Master, you first must stimulate the mind to provide the body with the space it needs to let go and follow when instructed.

Safe Wax Play

The scene with wax is one that plays out in many BDSM movies and stories. The hot wax dripping on the skin seems like the perfect way to make a slave squeal with fright and pleasure. But while the movies make it seem so easy, the truth is that wax play can be dangerous if you don’t do it right. It’s a good idea to …

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Adding A Hook To Your Training

When you have all of the regular sex toys in your bedroom, you might itch to try something new, something that makes your slave squirm and that makes your heart beat faster as soon as you pull it out. The anal hook is one of the sex toys that’s not only coveted by slaves, but also by Masters and Mistresses who want to show their …

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TPE: Total Power Exchange

Power – the power over someone else’s thoughts, patterns, choices, and actions – this is the gift of a slave to a Master or Mistress. And while there might be times when the Dom/me and slave have to negotiate to decide what power means and how much to give, there are BDSM relationships in which the Dominant is able to have complete control over their …

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