TPE: Total Power Exchange

Power – the power over someone else’s thoughts, patterns, choices, and actions – this is the gift of a slave to a Master or Mistress. And while there might be times when the Dom/me and slave have to negotiate to decide what power means and how much to give, there are BDSM relationships in which the Dominant is able to have complete control over their slave. In total power exchange, you have a responsibility to not only accept trust from your slave, but also to take that control and use it to create a slave that is completely under your power.

Total Power and Control

A slave that wants to be under your control, completely under your control, is telling you that they trust you. But what do you do then? You might begin with a contract that outlines the ways in which you will control their lives. This might look like:

Permissions – You might have a slave that has to ask for permission to do everything. This can sound exciting at first, and it is, but it also means that as the Dom/me you need to weigh each of the requests carefully to ensure that you are saying yes or no to the things which you have already agreed upon in your contract.

Orders – Total power exchange can also take place when you have certain orders that your slave has to follow all the time. This might be certain phrases they need to follow in a certain way or it can mean that you have certain orders the slave needs to follow without thought.

Routines – Having routines that your slave has to follow each day can help you create the total power that you both crave. Down to the minute, your slave might need to accomplish certain tasks and goals so as to ensure you are both able to know what is expected during a typical day and during the relationship as a whole.

How to Create Total Control

The Total Power Exchange relationship means that your slave will do everything that you want them to do (aside from hard limits that might have been created). You will begin this process by being as strict as possible about what you want from your slave in the relationship, inside and outside of any dungeon or training session. Every moment of their lives needs to be dictated and controlled so that they are never without direction or without a chance to please you. You might begin by controlling their thoughts and responses in the bedroom, but then extend the power outside of the bedroom. This gradual control will be more effective as you will both be able to see how the control is working, and where more training needs to take place.

Steps to Power Exchange

You will begin with the contract of what this Total Power Exchange will mean and what it will look like. It can also help to have a day in which the slave submits to everything you say so that you can see whether this is realistic for the both of you. A lot of energy needs to go into this full control, and it might not be what the slave wants or what you want as their Dominant. You need to be ready to set aside time to manage your slave at first, but once the relationship begins to settle, you will find the power exchange becomes natural, even exciting since there are no more questions about who is in control – the Dominant is in control.

From the time the slave wakes up to the time you allow them to go to bed, you’re in control of every moment.

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Master Bishop

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  1. I believe that giving up ones freedom is there right.To be a slave is a gradfying and deeply honorably thing to bestow upon someone.Becoming a slave and giving yourself to somebody is arewarding solution for both oarties.Alot can be gained in ones personal stregths.Stretching ones mind and limits is beyond what one can do on their own.One can find true happiness serving and pleasing.

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