Take Pride in your submission

i am a submissive/slave and one of the most powerful and gratifying aspects of my submission is bringing Pride to my Master. This is a cherished goal and one i aspire to at all times.  But why, why do i work so hard to take pride in being a submissive/slave? ************************************************************************************  For Master:  When I…

Ways To Keep Your Sub’s Attention In Public

The work of a Master is never quite done, is it? No matter how many hours you might spend in the dungeon, you know your slave needs more work. And just because you’re not strapping your slave to a table, they should be under your command. You can take your BDSM play out of the bedroom by giving your slave a few lessons of submission to use in public. Subtle, but effective, when your slave has to perform as a slave in public, not only will your training be more powerful, but she will know who the boss is – no matter who is around.

Negotiations to Begin

Dom/sub Journal: Giving And Receiving In BDSM

As human beings, W/we have an intrinsic need to feel appreciated. Whether W/we are Dominant or submissive, if W/we feel like W/we are not appreciated for the things W/we do for people in O/our lives, it can become extremely demoralizing. A demoralized sub or Dom, does not lead to an overly happy relationship. Therefore to…

How To Deal With A Slave That Won’t Leave

Mistresses, though just as powerful as any Master, often have unique problems when it comes to slave training. One of the most common troubles a Mistress can have is a slave that will not leave. Whether this borders on stalking or perhaps just a misunderstanding between the Mistress and slave, the situations will vary. However, a Mistress needs to know how to keep themselves safe and how to deal with a troublesome slave they may not want to train anymore. Even BDSM relationships end sometimes. Here’s how to do it quickly and safely.

Warning: Fake Profiles & Fraudulent Emails

It has recently come to My attention that there are people on the net claiming to be associated with the BDSM Training Academy when there are not. These people are saying that they are either Myself (Master Bishop) or Mistress Sophia or claiming they are located at another branch some where other then O/our head…

Sex Shop Role Play Scene

Role playing is a vital part not only of training in BDSM, but also in the way that a slave and their Master or Mistress can begin to challenge their new skills. By taking the slave into a new situation, the slave begins to see how they are progressing in their role and the Master or Mistress can begin to see how far they can push their slave and mold their slave into the perfect submissive. In a sex shop scene, you can use all of the toys you have in your dungeon (maybe add some new ones), many to punish, others to test, and in the end, you will both begin to see just how strong the relationship can become.

Setting up the Sex Toy Shop

When A Dominant Does Not Want To Hurt A Sub

While it might not seem to be the usual story, some dominants aren’t interested in punishing their submissives. They might have to take on this task during the training, but what they’re more interested in is creating true subservience in their slaves. These dominants want to have a slave that simply wants to do what they are told because that is a way to please their dominant. Whether in a Mistress or Master relationship, this dominant wants to be with someone who actively tries to please them because they are truly submissive.

Don’t Want to be the Bad Guy?