How To Deal With A Slave That Won’t Leave

Mistresses, though just as powerful as any Master, often have unique problems when it comes to slave training. One of the most common troubles a Mistress can have is a slave that will not leave. Whether this borders on stalking or perhaps just a misunderstanding between the Mistress and slave, the situations will vary. However, a Mistress needs to know how to keep themselves safe and how to deal with a troublesome slave they may not want to train anymore. Even BDSM relationships end sometimes. Here’s how to do it quickly and safely.

The Contract Ends Here

Ideally, at the start of any BDSM relationship between a Mistress and her slave, a contract should be signed. This contract will not only talk about what you will do together, but also what will happen when the relationship has run its course. You might, for example, also have clauses in the contract which list certain behaviors which will result in an immediate termination of the relationship. This will help to show the slave that the relationship is over, no discussion or negotiations. You might also want to create a paper that has both of you sign off on the relationship when it seems that the relationship needs to end. This way, you have a clear document which tells everyone what has happened – the contract is over.

Dangerous or Annoying?

Of course, when you are screening your slave during the initial contract process, you will want to think about the kind of slave you are taking on. Do they seem to have troubles with desperation or mental issues that may not be resolved? If you have any bad feelings about a slave you have taken on, you have two choices – don’t take them on or be very, very careful. When you are a Mistress to more than one slave, it’s actually a better idea to have an off site place for your Mistress-ing. This way, the slave doesn’t find out where you actually live until you trust them and they have a reason to be in your home. You might also want to keep a cell phone for contact in a different name than your actual name – or use a pay per minute phone. While these tips might seem a little over the top, you want to be as careful as possible since some slaves don’t understand the meaning of no – no matter how much you have trained them to listen to you.

Legal Matters to Consider

You are responsible for your own safety, so you need to know when to call in help as needed. No one needs to know what you and this gentleman were doing together unless you are asked and you feel it is relevant. What you do want to document is how the slave has interfered with your personal space after you have ended the relationship and asked them to leave you alone. Document where they have been, what they have done, and any other evidence the police might be able to use – voice mails, text messages, etc. If you feel that a slave is going to continue to come to places where you are, bothering you, it might be time to consider a restraining order. While these technically don’t stop the slave from being around you (legally, yes, physically, no – it’s just a piece of paper), you will have a legal document that says this person could be arrested if they violate the order.

Of course, some Masters have just as many troubles with female slaves, but male slaves can often be a little clingier to the Mistresses they want to serve. However, if you’ve said no, it’s time for them to listen.

Mistress Brianne


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