Warning: Fake Profiles & Fraudulent Emails

It has recently come to My attention that there are people on the net claiming to be associated with the BDSM Training Academy when there are not. These people are saying that they are either Myself (Master Bishop) or Mistress Sophia or claiming they are located at another branch some where other then O/our head office.

These people will claim that they:
1) Have a slave for sale if you would be willing to purchase the slave from them they will give you ownership
2) They are a slave who is located at another branch of the BDSM Training Academy head office, but is willing to relocate

People have reported these claims to U/us but will not send anymore information so W/we can help put a stop to it. Which I can understand as the recipient to these crimes would like to remain anonymous. Please know the people committing these crimes are in no way, shape or form associated with the BDSM Training Academy. W/we do not sell submissives and there is only one BDSM Training Academy and that is located in Vancouver, Canada.

To ensure your safety on the internet, you must always be suspicious of anybody that asks you to send them money. While I know it can be hard finding someone who is interested in the BDSM lifestyle, nobody should ever ask you to:
1) buy another human being
2) pay to be able to meet you (relocation fee)
Please for your own safety, stay away from anybody that even suggests these types of activities.

The BDSM Training Academy is an educational resource, that offers free and paid courses on BDSM. W/we created this Academy to help enrich people’s lives and allow people to learn about themselves and their kinks in the privacy of their own home. It is very upsetting to Me and the staff that somebody would try to use the Academy for such purposes. W/we do not sell submissives. Please help U/us spread the word and let people know about these fraudulent claims, so nobody is hurt from such evil people.

To Y/your Privacy And Safety,

Master Bishop

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1 thought on “Warning: Fake Profiles & Fraudulent Emails”

  1. Hello Master Bishop and Mistress Sophia.

    I have been receiving your letters and reading your blogs here. I just wanted to say KUDOS to you both!! Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight. I think it is a wonder thing, the service and advice that the two of you provide people here. My executioner’s hood is off to you! LOL!!

    SINcerely Master C…

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