Sex Shop Role Play Scene

Role playing is a vital part not only of training in BDSM, but also in the way that a slave and their Master or Mistress can begin to challenge their new skills. By taking the slave into a new situation, the slave begins to see how they are progressing in their role and the Master or Mistress can begin to see how far they can push their slave and mold their slave into the perfect submissive. In a sex shop scene, you can use all of the toys you have in your dungeon (maybe add some new ones), many to punish, others to test, and in the end, you will both begin to see just how strong the relationship can become.

Setting up the Sex Toy Shop

In the beginning, you will want to lay out all of the sex toys that are for ‘sale’ in the sex toy shop. This will begin to entice the slave and make them curious as to how these might be used in the shop scene. It might be a good idea to visit a few sex toy shops to see how things might look and how you might want to create a realistic vision of the setting. You can also create a ‘back room’ where the most naughty and intense toys are at, including the dungeon that you have already introduced your slave to in previous training sessions.

The BDSM Toyshop

The Seller of Sex Toys

The Master or the Mistress is the ‘owner’ of the sex toy shop, helping the slave see what each of the toys are for. The slave might want to act as though they have no idea what the toys are for, and will only find out when the owner of this sex toy shop shows them how they work. The Master or Mistress will need to know how to use these toys and how to engage the slave in acts that ‘test’ the items on them to show just how powerful and effective they can be for training.

The Buyer of Sex Toys

The slave will want to be someone who acts like they have no idea what each toy does. As the scene unfolds, the slave will become more knowledgeable in a very intense way about the toys they have before them. They will begin to fall under the spell of the BDSM world, beginning to create a stronger attachment to the toys and to the way that they feel when the toys are used on them.

The Scene Begins and Unfolds

The Master or Mistress will begin by encouraging the slave to come into the shop and then to talk about how they want to be treated in their slave role. Why do they want to be a slave? What sensations do they want to feel? In listening to the answers, the Master or Mistress will begin to use the toys on the slave, making them see just how their body might respond and how they are slowly becoming a slave in all senses of the word. The Master or Mistress might also want to strap the slave down in order to show them how each of the toys work, maybe even blindfolding them to make the experience all the more intense and filled with sensations. At the end of the scene, the Master or Mistress might even talk about how they want to keep the slave in their store for future testing of new products and to show others how these items work to punish and to please.

By introducing the sex shop scene, you will get a chance to play in your BDSM relationship. In doing so, the slave and the Master or Mistress will enjoy each other – and the reactions that come as a result of being introduced to ‘new’ items.


Master Bishop

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