Mental Orgasms Are Real

sub-kathleen was gracious enough to continue O/our discussion on the power of the mental orgasm.  She has shared a very personal experience with her Master on the power and effects of an orgasm through mental Domination can have on a submissive.  If you were not a believer before that mental orgasms are possible, then hopefully this will help to convince you.

Master Bishop

i am pretty sure many of you have experienced an orgasm that was reached with little or perhaps even no physical touch or stimulation. Hopefully i’m not aging myself when i use the term wet dream. This was my first experience with a mental orgasm and honestly until recently i didn’t even have a clear name or understanding of what this was. Having been young and quite inexperienced i was a bit shocked by the fact that my body could in-fact respond physically to what i was seeing and feeling in my mind, in my dreams. But orgasm i did. i awoke completed saturated in sweat, my heart was pounding so hard i thought it would burst. i was panting and then there was this most deliciously warm rhythmic pulsing down low. Not in my stomach, lower, yes somewhere, ah yes there. It’s wet, and oh so sensitive. i was so completely sated and confused and disoriented. What had just happened? It was still dark outside so i quickly looked to the clock, 2:00am. Geez… what the hell just happened? That couldn’t have been a dream.