Mental Orgasms Are Real

sub-kathleen was gracious enough to continue O/our discussion on the power of the mental orgasm.  She has shared a very personal experience with her Master on the power and effects of an orgasm through mental Domination can have on a submissive.  If you were not a believer before that mental orgasms are possible, then hopefully this will help to convince you.

Master Bishop

If You Enjoyed Reading About Real BDSM Experiences So Might Your Friends

i am pretty sure many of you have experienced an orgasm that was reached with little or perhaps even no physical touch or stimulation. Hopefully i’m not aging myself when i use the term wet dream. This was my first experience with a mental orgasm and honestly until recently i didn’t even have a clear name or understanding of what this was.

Having been young and quite inexperienced i was a bit shocked by the fact that my body could in-fact respond physically to what i was seeing and feeling in my mind, in my dreams. But orgasm i did. i awoke completed saturated in sweat, my heart was pounding so hard i thought it would burst. i was panting and then there was this most deliciously warm rhythmic pulsing down low. Not in my stomach, lower, yes somewhere, ah yes there.

It’s wet, and oh so sensitive. i was so completely sated and confused and disoriented. What had just happened? It was still dark outside so i quickly looked to the clock, 2:00am. Geez… what the hell just happened? That couldn’t have been a dream.

i just laid there in the dark calming my heart and slowing my breathing and yes touching that very satisfied and sensitive spot. i closed my eyes wanting and praying that sleep would take me back to that amazing dream. Back to that place of complete open lust filled surrender.

i became frustrated as i struggled to recalled every moment of that dream but it just kept eluding me. The only things i could remember were the feeling of the building heat within the core of my being and an unexpected sense of calm and trust. Somehow I just knew that this feeling, although intense and foreign is ok and i should just breathe and enjoy the ride. Then i drifted off to a restless sleep.

i have had many, many of these wonderful nights but i have also experienced this amazingly beautiful mental orgasm while awake and in the presence of my most loving Master.

Yes Awake, Live – up close and oh yes, so completely personal…. An earth shattering, body quaking, mind blowing mental orgasm. And even awake and knowing what is happening, it is still one of the most disorienting and delicious experience i have shared with Master.

I love Sunday breakfast. It is the one meal every week that Master and i prepare together. And it is fun, sexy, erotic and always the best start to a new week. However, this time, yes, this very special Sunday, O/our Sunday breakfast ritual becomes an entire day that leads up to the most amazingly slow, intense, body shaking, mind blowing, mentally induced orgasm. So have I gotten your attention?

As i said earlier, i love making Sunday breakfast with Master. It began in the kitchen. i bent to grab the eggs from the fridge and when i stood He was there, directly behind me, but not touching me.

i tried to step into His embrace but He reached around me and took the eggs and whispered “thank you slave now i think You should close the door.”

As He stepped away i could feel the warmth leave me and i was left breathless and wanting and cold from standing in front of the fridge with the door open. Pouting, i scolded myself ..Ok, just focus, get back to making breakfast.

He kept me on edge always there but never touching. Causing silent pleas from my body, begging for His touched a simple brush of his fingers anywhere would ignite me.

As Master prepared our morning breakfast of bacon and eggs, i went about the kitchen preparing the table. Place settings, fresh coffee and juice were needed.

i am so aware of my body, it is on high alert and buzzing with need as i lean over and as seductively as possible set down each plate, utensil and glass with purpose and total focus on pleasing Master with my performance.

Then while reaching across the table Master comes up behind me and sternly says, “slave are You trying to cause a fire in this kitchen?”

Quickly standing i turn and face Him and with a slight lift of a smile i reply, “no Sir, just setting the table so that W/we may enjoy that delicious meal You are preparing for U/us, Sir”

It is then that Master reaches out and gently moves a piece of hair from my face, without even the slightest touch to my face. He leans in so close i can feel His hot breath on my face. i am looking down, afraid he has not found humor in my table setting or my reply.

i see His hand fall away from my face and as my mind and body silently screams, touch me please just touch me.

Then with that silky deep, strong, I’m in control voice Master says “look at me.” His eyes are dark like coal and He is breathing a bit harder, i can see a little flair of His nostrils and see the muscles in His jaw tighten as clenches his teeth in an effort to keep from touching me.

i can feel He wants me and i want to just scream….Master, Please touch me…. Please kiss me…. Please, please, please…. Anything… Instead, He says after breakfast, you are to clean the kitchen, go to O/our room, undress, get into position and wait for me in the middle of the bed. i’m pretty sure i stopped breathing just then.

He walked away leaving me standing there, looking up and weaving a little as though i had too much to drink or not enough oxygen. How was I going to eat my breakfast now?

Well i did manage to eat as i was told and then, i cleaned the kitchen in record time and left skid marks on the carpet as i rushed to O/our room to do as i was instructed. Waiting for Master was excruciating, it seem to take forever for Him to join me.

As He entered the room He joined me on the bed. He was still in His morning sweats and no shirt. i could feel His heat, smell His scent as He settled in behind me. i was so on edge, my body was begging to be touched, i thought i was going to cry out in desperation.

Then without a single touch, no physical contact, with only His voice, He said, “i am going to give You the release you need but i am not going to touch you but i promise i will give you release, you will come for Me.” “ I want to watch you come for Me. ” “now lay back and close your eyes”.

By this time i was strung so tight. i wanted this and i wanted to please Master and give Him this. So i closed my eyes and just focused and just listened. i felt Master lean over me and whisper “but not now, you are not ready.” Then He was gone….

i sat up shook my head trying regain some sense of consciousness while my body remained so sexually charged that i felt dizzy and weak with need.

Frustrated, hot and a bit confused i ran straight for the shower hoping for some cold water to ease the burning and then dressed for the day. Not finding relief from the cold water i thought perhaps a diversion some reading or computer work would help. Master has not requested any special attention or assistance on any projects so the day was pretty much mine. Or was it?

Sunday afternoon and into the early evening was one continuous roller coaster ride with Master at the controls, always there, talking in my ear, teasing me with soft kisses, a pinch, a slight spank on my bottom and sometimes a full on whack. All of it artfully crafted to keep me on the edge. The anticipation at times, becoming almost painful, physically painful…But still no release.

i was finishing the kitchen clean up when Master came up behind me and wrapping His arms around me said “you have been such a good girl. Go to O/our room, strip and wait for me on the bed.”

“Yes Master!!!!!”

Master was very busy while i was cleaning the kitchen. The room was lit with soft lights and scented candles were burning. The bed covers were turned down and soothing music was barley audible in the background.

Master entered and immediately blindfolded me and told me to lie on my back. Binding my wrists and legs to the bed, He began to speak, slow direct and very descriptive. I heard the music begin to fade as my mind completely focused on His voice, His words. The beating of my heart keeping time with His words, i can barely breathe.

i can feel his presence, smell his scent all around me i want to touch Him, feel Him, taste Him. i can feel His hot breath across my neck, down my shoulders and continue to move to that place that is begging for His touch.

But HE doesn’t touch, He just continues His verbal assault on my senses while igniting the embers within me with His hot breath, i can feel my body urgently reaching for Him. Lifting my hips hungrily seeking His physical touch, i am moving with complete abandon, climbing higher and higher, moving faster and faster, almost there.

i was struggling, afraid of this unknown feeling, as if feeling my struggle, Master reached down removed the blindfold, placed His hand on my cheek, looked deep into my exposed soul and said “just let go and cum for Me, I’ve got you.”

Then, as promised, with the mastery of an erotic poet or hypnotist, Master brought me to the most amazingly mind blowing non-contact mental orgasm i had ever experienced in dreams or awake.

This orgasm didn’t just roller over me it completely shattered me. It was Fierce and Primal. It made me feel raw, open and exposed like never before, and my surrender to Master felt deeper. i felt safe and loved and so deeply connected with Master.

Each orgasm is different, but the orgasm that engages your mind first and then takes your body along for the ride (the mental orgasm) well that orgasm made me feel as if i was lost between a very erotic dream and the physical reality of need, until Master took me safely to complete exquisite surrender “BLISS”



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2 thoughts on “Mental Orgasms Are Real”

  1. In applying as a male submissive and the interaction between the Dom and I, I experienced a mental orgasm just from the interaction between us and his words had me under His control. Thanks for sharing that there is a thing called a mental orgasm. It is very very seductive and i would do anything my Dom wants to experience it again.

  2. *gulp* Amazing. As life has it, I am only able to see my Dom every couple weeks, which leaves me starving and ravenous for him by the time I see him. I could see this being an amazing experience for the both of us when he stays the entire weekend. *adds mental orgasm to bdsm bucket list*

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