November 2009

Training a Slave When You Don’t Have Time

While it seems a little preposterous, those who have been Dominants for a while know that sometimes you just don’t have time for your slave. You enjoy the time you do have, but sometimes life is just messy and your play time can get interrupted by work, family life, and other obligations. However, this doesn’t mean you need to throw in the proverbial towel or

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Staying Focused During A Session

While your Dominant probably makes it look so easy, they’re depending on you to make each session productive and effective. Though you might feel you are completely under Their control, part of your job as your Dominant’s slave is to maintain your focus and your attention each and every minute of the scene. This isn’t always easy. With practice, you can become the sort of

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Is Bondage Really Necessary

When you read about BDSM, it’s hard not to think about bondage, ropes, cuffs etc. But for many people who want to have a Master or a Mistress, or who want to have a slave, it becomes a concern. After all, is bondage really necessary in a BDSM relationship? While it’s true that the ‘B’ seems to indicate this to be the case, all relationships

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