Staying Focused During A Session

While your Dominant probably makes it look so easy, they’re depending on you to make each session productive and effective. Though you might feel you are completely under Their control, part of your job as your Dominant’s slave is to maintain your focus and your attention each and every minute of the scene. This isn’t always easy. With practice, you can become the sort of slave who is always ready for their Dominant’s next command. The sort of slave that makes their Dominant smile, albeit wickedly.

Clearing Your Mind

The best way to keep your mind ready for anything your Dominant might have planned for you is to clear your mind. No, this isn’t just a New Age concept. Clearing your mind is something that is crucial for a slave when they walk into the dungeon. You need to leave the rest of your life at the door when you walk up to your Dominant and get into the desired position. Everything that happened that day needs to be gone from your mind and everything that you might still need to do must be banished from your mind.

One way to do this is to write down every worry that you have on a piece of paper before you head into your session, leaving those thoughts for you to worry about later. Or you might want to learn to meditate as that helps you learn to quiet your mind. Close your eyes and try to push any thoughts out of your mind. It’s difficult at first, but once you practice a bit, you will begin to get better at it the more you try.

Staying in the Moment

Once you’re already in a session with your Dominant, you need to stay focused. This can be difficult for new slaves who are unaccustomed to so much happening at the same time. But when your Dominant wants you to count or to do something specific, you need to be ready and willing to do this. Here are some quick tips to staying in the moment:

> Keep your eyes where your Dominant tells you to – This will help you guide your attention to where your Dominant wants your focus to be.

> Think about what your senses are experiencing – Think about sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. How are these senses being engaged?

> Count along with your Dominant – This might be something that you do anyways, but if you are not told to do so, then you might want to count in your head to help stay attentive.

> Breathe each time you feel something painful – This will prevent your body from becoming too excited by pain and distracted.

What you’re trying to do is to bring your brain into the session and into what you need to do at the time. This will help you be attentive to the needs of your Mistress, even when she does not tell you to do certain things.

Preparing Ahead of Time

Of course, it never hurts to prepare yourself for the session ahead of time in order to be the best slave for your Dominant. Before you go into each session, you will want to think about things you might have done wrong the last time and ways you can be a better slave. Or you might want to think about ways you want to please your Dominant. If you have been given homework or tasks, make sure these are done ahead of time and that you are ready to show your Dominant what you have learned on your own.

Being a focused slave is something that comes with time, practice, and effort. When you want to become a true slave, one who submits fully, your focus is just another gift you give to your Dominant.


Master Bishop


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