Learning To Orgasm On Command

Train Your Body To Orgasm On Command

Quite a few people still believe that women’s bodies are these gigantic mysteries with some complex code needed to unlock the ever-elusive Orgasm. The misconception that women are unable to be easily aroused is false.

Women tend to be more easily stimulated by more cerebral things – better put, women’s minds need to be turned on first before their bodies will follow. So, with this in mind, when it comes to a female submissive wanting to orgasm on command for their Master, you first must stimulate the mind to provide the body with the space it needs to let go and follow when instructed.

Cum When You Are Commanded

The art of cumming on command is not an easy task, admittedly. With so many years of thinking your body will only cum under certain conditions, it can be challenging to let go of this trained belief. It is a trained belief, as many people will continue to repeat that stimulation over time once they have discovered what works physically to reach climax. This solidifies the need for physical stimulation over mental stimulation for many people.

But with some practice and effort, you can learn to cum on command. What you need to do first is to let go of any beliefs about your body and about how it works. The body is more complicated than you can even imagine. However, the body is also very effective in terms of adapting to new conditions and new stimuli, so once you find what will trigger your orgasm mentally, you will be able to tap into this space whenever you want or, more importantly whenever your Master wants.

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The Power Of Your Mind

Mental Stimulation To Orgasm On CommandYour brain is the most powerful sexual organ in your body and is the key to unlocking your ability to orgasm on command. New research shows how powerful the mind-body connection is and how the mind is the driving force for reaching orgasm.

The most recent research shows that women who regularly orgasm during intercourse are focused and engaged with the sensations occurring within their bodies during the moment. In comparison, women who had trouble with having regular orgasms during intercourse had a more difficult time staying focused on or connected to their bodily sensations.

This study also found that women who regularly achieved orgasm during intercourse also reported having more erotic thoughts than those who had more difficulty reaching orgasm.

Yet both groups report equal abilities of being able to focus on erotic thoughts during times of self-stimulation where a partner is not present.

The latest study reconfirms past research that found a link between a lack of erotic thoughts during intercourse and the difficulty of reaching orgasm for women.

While both of these studies relayed physical stimulation to reach orgasm, the critical point should be clear the gatekeeper to achieving that orgasm is the mind.

It is not so much the stimulation of the clitoris or the need for prolonged periods of foreplay that is necessary for orgasm. These elements are just physical stimulants to produce an environment that more easily allows a mindful state that bridges the orgasmic connection.

However, it has been documented that an estimated 80% of men and 40% of women have had at least one orgasm during sleep. A pure mental orgasm that is started and completed solely by the power of your mind. No other outside interference or stimulation is required or necessary.

To learn more about this phenomenon, researchers have scanned women’s brains in MRIs to understand what happens during orgasm; while stimulated physically and when only induced mentally.

Researchers found that during both a physically stimulated or mental orgasm, the sensory cortex lights up or, in other words, is activated. What this means is when you touch your clit, the part of the brain that is connected or has mapped the clit in the sensory cortex lights up. At the same time, if you only think about touching your clit, the same part of the brain lights up with the same intensity.

This means your mind does not know the difference between actual physical touch and the thought of being touched. Again showcasing the true power of the mind, and how just thought can become real.

That is not all, as researchers also saw something extraordinary within the scan of women when they were having an orgasm solely from their minds. In addition to the sensory cortex lighting up, there was an even greater activation in the prefrontal cortex than when they physically stimulated their body to orgasm.

Cumming On CommandThe prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain responsible for thinking. So, in essence, during a mental orgasm the mind is more actively thinking regarding erotic thoughts, staying in the moment, and focusing on the body connection. So the mind is taking a more active role than a passive one.

This makes sense because one of the things discovered in the most recent research was the ability to stay focused on erotic thoughts. People who had a more difficult time visualizing erotic ideas and were easily distracted by other negative thoughts such as body image, sexual performance, etc., had a more difficult time being able to orgasm.

With that said, this means you have the capability within yourself to orgasm on command. As all of your orgasms are unleashed by mind, but your mind needs to be in an environment to allow its full potential to be unlocked. Now, this doesn’t mean it will be easy. However, being able to learn how to be more mindful won’t just help you orgasm but significantly impact your health, well-being, and your submission.

Hear trainee s express her first experience from a commanded orgasm

Empowering Yourself Through Practice

The best way to learn how to orgasm on command is to practice this on your own and here are some things you can practice to become more mindful.

  1. Daily meditation – will help to train your mind to block out outside thoughts and bring your focus and attention internally.
  2. Exercise – is not only healthy for the body but also your mind. It’s also considered an active form of meditation except that the body is in motion. You must focus your mind on the present and strengthen the mind-body connection as the body goes through it’s motion.
  3. Fantasize – just taking time throughout the day to reflect on your primary fantasies and feel…nothing more. Just those wonderfully kinky thoughts and feel how those ideas resonate within your body. If you have difficulty visualizing, write your fantasy down and read it yourself.

Mindful Masturbation

Of course, self-discovery is an excellent way to strengthen your mind-body connection. Make sure you have your Dominant’s permission before you start practicing on your own. 😉

Before you begin, as I know you are eager to get started, there are some things you will want to do to help you with this practice.

  1. Environment – Create a space you feel comfortable within – Your door is locked, so you won’t be interrupted. Ensure external distractions have been removed so there won’t be any sudden distractions.
  2. Breathe – don’t just allow your body to breathe. Be mindful of your breath and follow the energy flow through your body as you inhale and exhale.
  3. Relax – There is never any pressure and no test at the end. Just you practicing your mind-body connection through pleasure, and you must admit there are many worse things you could be doing than that.
  4. Visualize – Imagine in your mind’s eye your favorite fantasies, your biggest turn-ons. Keep your mind focused on the erotic thoughts and how each erotic idea resonates with your body. How does it resonate, and where do you feel it within your body. Feel how different thoughts, ideas, and fantasies impact your body. Remember, the better you can stay connected with these erotic thoughts, the stronger the connection with your body.
  5. Be Present – Focus on feeling, being present, and paying attention to this moment. Bring your awareness into your body. Every time you feel your attention shift in another direction, actively refocus your mind on the present. Don’t worried about having an orgasm, just focus on the pleasures you are having now in the moment.

Masturbation Mastery ​

As they say, you need to walk before you run, and so it is with teaching your body to have a mental orgasm and, from there, give ownership of it to your Dominant.

Since you likely are more connected to your physical touch to reach orgasm, we will not utilize that skill to ignite a stronger connection with your mind.

Step 1

enjoy your masturbation that works best for you and allows you to reach orgasm the easiest. This should be just with your hand and no other external motorized stimulants, as these aids overstimulate the physical. For our purposes, we only need enough stimulation to allow the mind an environment to connect with the body.

Picture the erotic images in your mind, and enjoy your fantasies and how they feel coursing through your body. During this practice, you may find your mind wandering, negative thoughts interrupt your focus, or you have difficulty visualizing your fantasies. Try reading an erotic book or, more specifically, a fantasy you have written. This can help teach you how to visualize better to stay in a state of arousal.

If you still have difficulty visualizing, try playing one of your favorite porn scenes in the background. But instead of watching the scene, try to picture what is happening solely from the sound. Over time with more practice and a deeper mindful connection, you can slowly eliminate these elements and focus on the stimulation from your mind.

At first, you only want to focus on staying focused and being mindful of how your mind makes your body feel. Bask in all your previously untapped orgasmic potential.

You can start pushing your body further when you feel you have found a deeper understanding of what moves your mind and body. Allow your mind and body to drive your orgasm. Bring yourself to the edge of orgasm and keep yourself there. Enjoy all the sensations as they flood your mind and body.

Do not orgasm; keep yourself on the edge for as long as possible. And when you don't think you can't hold off any longer, stop touching yourself and allow yourself focus on how you feel.

Focus on your thoughts and how each thought resonates with your body. What was that last erotic thought you had that was driving you closer to orgasm. What sensations are running through your body, causing you to want more. What ideas cause you to throb more intensely or cause your body to overheat.

Don't let your body calm down, keep that fire burning and bring yourself back to the edge again. Continue this edging dance as many times as you can handle. And when you think you can no longer resist, allow the orgasm to capture your mind and pull you over the edge.

Step 2

At this stage, you should know what ideas, feelings, and actions push you to the brink. Now you want to focus on strengthening the mind-body connection by pushing your ability to quickly and easily tap into that higher state of arousal. With this practice, you will notice how much easier it is to focus the mind and drive the body.

Now you are ready to try and use your mind to stimulate your orgasm. At this point, you are touching yourself and performing several edging cycles. You have reached your breaking point. You can no longer stop your orgasm. You will immediately stop touching yourself, but now you allow your mind to drive your body over the edge. Focus on the ideas that plunge your mind and body into an uncontrollable release.

For many submissives imagining their Dominant saying their orgasm command word continuously in their head is enough to stimulate an orgasm. Think about your Dominant and how pleased they will be when you can do what they wish – sometimes that's all the training you need. Whatever the erotic idea gets you off, allow it to encompass your full attention and lead you to a full release.

If it does not happen, do not worry, Rome wasn't built in a day, and learning how to stimulate the mind to orgasm will take time. There is no rush, and you are not in competition with anybody else. Remember to go back to the key points that have been stressed above, focus, feelings, and embrace yourself!

Practice makes perfect and as hard as it will be you will just have to roll up your sleeves and get back to practicing.

Step 3

If you were able to orgasm even after you stopped touching yourself, in your next practice, try to back off from the point of orgasm even further. Continue to increase the distance between edging and touching yourself to the point that you can feel a strong energetic urge to orgasm just from your primary visual thoughts.

Once you understand the power that your own mind holds over your body, now all you have to do is hand over that control to your Dominant. And allow them to accept the gift of your obedience.

With Your Master's Help

The easiest way to learn how to orgasm on command is to incorporate this training into your sessions with your Master. Each time you orgasm, for example, your Master might say a certain word or touch you in a certain place, helping your brain to connect these stimuli to the orgasm sensations. By linking these events together, your body will be able to recall their connection and respond to the stimuli with an orgasm – since that's what's happened in the past. With this method, it will take a lot of time to get to the point when your Master can simply give you a word and you will cum, but it will happen if you practice together – and you focus on the task ahead of you.
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By Master Bishop

The founder of the BDSM Training Academy. Master Bishop has been involved in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle for over 20 years. With a love for education both learning and teaching, Master Bishop has passed on his knowledge and experience to others entering into the BDSM lifestyle for over 15 years.

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