Safe Wax Play

The scene with wax is one that plays out in many BDSM movies and stories. The hot wax dripping on the skin seems like the perfect way to make a slave squeal with fright and pleasure. But while the movies make it seem so easy, the truth is that wax play can be dangerous if you don’t do it right. It’s a good idea to read up on wax play and how to be safe about it before you start lighting a candle and dripping it over anyone. After all, the more you do something safely, the longer you can use it in a scene without causing permanent physical harm to your slave.

The Right Wax

Most people will tell you that any wax is the right wax to use, but there are better waxes that can help you prevent any unnecessary pain or irritation. Some wax types melt point is high enough that serious burns can occur and require immediate medical attention – some of the types of wax that should be considered for use as BDSM hot wax include both Raw Paraffin (melts at 115° – 126°F) and Votive Candles (131° – 141°) of which Paraffin is the best. Many higher melt point candles such as beeswax etc. contain additives to make them have that higher melt point and these additives such as stearic acid and dyes or perfumes all of which can cause rashes or blistering when used in a BDSM type environment.

Ideally no temperature above 135° should ever come in contact with human skin, so raw paraffin perhaps with a little crayon additive is best for wax play. For candles specifically designed for wax play check out Wax Play Dripping Candles

With Wax play always test the temperature of the candle on yourself first. The best place to test is the underside of your forearm. After you have tested on yourself, you can then test out a small spot of skin on the slave first to see if they have any troubles with the wax you’ve selected for a scene.

Wax Play Candles

The Right Position

When you’re pouring wax on the body, you need to hold the candle up far from the body, rather than close. If you hold the candle too close to the body, you will find that the wax is very hot when it hits the skin, which can cause a burn. The further the candle is away from the body, the more time it has to cool down by the time it hits the skin. You will want to test different heights from which to pour the wax since every person is different and can handle different types of pain sensations. In some cases, you might be able to slightly lower the candle to create a more intense sensation, but this should only be done on skin that is tougher – i.e. the arms vs. the stomach or breasts.

The Parts to Avoid

No matter what the goal of a scene might be, you do not want to use wax on certain parts of the body. Though you might see it done in movies, these parts can suffer permanent damage in real life. The eyes, the ears, and the mouth are not places for wax to be poured. Avoiding the face in general is also a good idea since you don’t want to have any unsightly scars that you didn’t intend. Try to stick with parts of the skin that are tougher and that can handle more temperature variance than most other parts of the body can – i.e. the arms, the buttocks, the upper quads, etc.

Wax play can add a new dimension to your BDSM scenes, but you still need to be safe about it. The more that you can think ahead to prevent problems, the more you can focus on the scene, on enjoying it, and on having a good time before, during, and after.

FUN TIP: Try pouring different colors of wax onto the skin or trying to spell out words onto the slave’s body. That can create an interesting effect when the slave is told to look at it.

ANOTHER FUN TIP: Have the slave pour wax onto themselves in order to please their Master or Mistress.


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