Wax Play

BDSM Wax PlayThe use of wax on a submissive is commonly thought of as ‘edge play’ as it is somewhat dangerous and can have a higher risk of permanent injury. Anything that involves the incorporation of flame into play, poses a potentially higher risk.

As with most BDSM play, the threat of torture and control, and domination is the primary aspect of the act – the hot wax is simply an object with which to tease and provide the pleasurable pain that the submissive is forced to comply with.

So while wax play can add a new dimension to your BDSM scenes, you still need to be safe about it. Hot wax itself can cause scalding and skin burns can occur, especially in the more sensitive areas.

Areas For Wax Play

Hot wax play can be dripped across the body. It should be obvious that the eyes, ears, and mouth are not places for wax to be poured. It is just best to avoid the face in general as wax splatters and runs and these delicate areas are prone to permanent damage.

Stick with parts of the skin that are tougher and that can handle more temperature variance than other parts of the body – i.e. the arms, the buttocks, the upper quads, etc.

Many people take great pleasure of focusing much of the wax on the genitalia area, often focusing on the vaginal lips, nipples and scrotum but occasionally involving the anus, buttocks and stomach or thighs as well. Always keep a close on the person receiving the wax and the area being dripped on for any indications of trauma.

As with much of BDSM not only is the thrill of submission or domination a source of pleasure but the submissive also has a release of endorphins due to the pain center being stimulated, which can lead to a substantial high in and of itself, which is commonly referred to as subspace.

Types of Wax To Use For Wax Play

The application of hot wax, and the type of wax used are actually very critical to the safety of hot wax play.

Some wax types melt point is high enough that serious burns can occur and require immediate medical attention – some of the types of wax that should be considered for use as BDSM hot wax include both Raw Paraffin (melts at 115° – 126°F) and Votive Candles (131° – 141°) of which Paraffin is the best.

Many higher melt point candles such as beeswax etc. contain additives to make them have that higher melt point and these additives such as stearic acid and dyes or perfumes all of which can cause rashes or blistering when used in a BDSM type environment.

Ideally no temperature above 135° should ever come in contact with human skin, so raw paraffin perhaps with a little crayon additive is best for wax play – and application is important as well.

There are several basic methods to apply hot wax to a submissive including:

  • Dripping – dripping from the top of a burning candle
  • Pouring – from a candle that is contained in a jar or can
  • Painting – larger quantities of wax can be melted in a wax warmer and using a paint brush the wax can be brushed with strokes of the brush.

Whichever you choose both you and your submissive will enjoy an erotic and sensual time. Just keep those temperatures down.

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