February 2011

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Sub?

Punishments seem to go hand in hand with BDSM practitioners, however, there is some debate among Dominants as to whether this is entirely necessary. After all, if you have trained your sub well, it would seem that punishments should never be necessary. Punishments and pain seem to be the first thing people think about when training a slave to be good, rather than reinforcing good …

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What To Do When You Lose Desire for Your Master

You know the stories about marriages that go bad, the spark is lost, the passion has simmered, etc. But that doesn’t happen in BDSM relationships, does it? In any relationship, there are times when your desire waxes and wanes. However, if you’re beginning to feel that your desire for your Master is absent more than it is present, it’s time to start reconsidering your relationship …

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How to Be a Good Slave When You’re Sick

Chances are high that at some point of slave training, you will get sick. And when you’re sick, you might not have the ability to call ‘off’ from your slave duties. In order to make sure you are still being a good slave and doing what your Dom/me wants you to do, here are some ways to handle the inevitable scene where you’re the victim …

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Practicing Before A Scene

Before an actor goes onto a movie set or onto the stage, they will often spend weeks and months working on memorizing their lines and doing run throughs. This helps the actor be ready to perform perfectly for the audience and it will help to create a seamless performance. So, some BDSM couples begin to think that they need to practice ahead of time in …

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