Spare the Rod, Spoil the Sub?

Punishments seem to go hand in hand with BDSM practitioners, however, there is some debate among Dominants as to whether this is entirely necessary. After all, if you have trained your sub well, it would seem that punishments should never be necessary. Punishments and pain seem to be the first thing people think about when training a slave to be good, rather than reinforcing good behaviors. Or is this really the case? Perhaps it’s time to look at whether sparing the rod will spoil the sub – or whether it spoils the Master or Mistress.

The Purpose of Punishment

What many Dom/mes realize in the beginning is just how effective it is to use punishment to train the slave to perform certain tasks. A little flogging here, some canning there and you’ve created a slave who is not only completely obedient, but also completely bent to your heart’s desires. Punishments are also doled out when the slave isn’t doing what they should and you might want to correct them. In the beginning of your BDSM pleasures, you might find that these punishments are being given out at nearly every training session, much to the satisfaction of both parties.

Training Continues On and On

But as your relationship and training progresses, it can become less necessary to use punishments in order to reinforce behavior. You might find that your slave is acting the way you want them to act, so it seems you don’t have to use punishments as much, if at all. And while this might seem like a reasonable exchange of activities, true training doesn’t have a stopping point. You can not simply create a slave and then set them free to be as they are. What you need to do is to continuously create new goals for your slave, helping to encourage them to better themselves each time you meet, rather than just remain a stagnant version of themselves.

Shifting the Idea of Punishment

At this point of a BDSM relationship, you need to realize that as a Dominant, your job is to come up with ways for your slave to grow in their role and as a person. You need to constantly be looking for ways to improve your slave’s behaviors and their ability to serve you. Punishment isn’t just for those times when they are wrong. If your training is strong, they might stop doing ‘wrong’ things, so it’s time to look at punishment as a way to shape a slave into the submissive you want them to be. Start by looking for new ways your slave can serve you and new ways your slave can become more useful to you. Once you have identified these behaviors, use punishments to continue your slave training together.

Are You Getting Lazy With Training?

Even Dominants are human and prone to being less than stringent with their slaves. Though the movies make Dom/mes look like all powerful beings who never waver in their role, you’re not going to be able to keep up your control all the time. However, this does not mean that you should not try. You can not be lazy when it comes to training your slave. Once you begin to waver in your punishments, your slave will realize it and they might even take advantage of your laxness. Each day or each training session, you should create one goal for your slave to achieve. This way, you have a clear sense of what your slave is supposed to be doing and you have a clear sense of what you need to be guiding your slave to do.

Punishments help your slave in a variety of ways, so now is not the time to set down your paddle. Now is the time to pick it up to see how far your slave can go to serve you. Don’t forget, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Meaning that you can’t forget to reward your slave. Slave training is not all about punishments, you might actually find that many good behaviors are learned faster with positive reinforcement, then from the crack of a whip.

If you show your slave that they make you happy with their service, they will want to serve you more. If you are always upset with how they serve you, then your slave will pull away. Think about it, do you want to be around someone who is angry and upset all the time? A good rule of thumb, for every time you administer a punishment, you should be telling your slave  3 or 4 things they have done right and make you happy in between. You may be excited about dishing out a punishment whenever you can, just don’t forget to dish out those rewards as well.


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Master Bishop

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1 thought on “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Sub?”

  1. In your articla “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Sub?” I feel you missed something. I have subs that like the punishment and have come to me seeking it. I feel punishment is a form of attention and if I’m giving you any form of attention that is a reward. At first punishment is necessary to modify bad behavior but it should be shifted into a reward. So the good subs get a flogging or a spanking and the attention that goes with it.

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