Interlace Bed Restraint Set

Do You Know What Happens To Good Slaves?

He was more than ready for this particular night. In fact, he had spent much of the day planning all of his deliciously devious intentions for his sweet, innocent slave. He had smoothed the sheets on the bed so the bumps wouldn’t show. And he’d found a candle that burned with the scent of sandalwood.

After so many weeks of hard training for his slave, it was time for her reward. She had worked so hard for so long, and she had earned pleasure. Of course, he wasn’t going to make it easy for her and he certainly wouldn’t tell her what was happening.

No, no – she was to bend to his will, and bask in his Dominance. But tonight, he would only ask her to surrender to orgasm. Again and again and again.

The instructions were clear.

Arrive at 7pm. Sharp.
Knock three times.
Keep your eyes to the ground.
Wait until the door opens.
Wear all black, but no panties.
Be freshly washed and wearing rose oil in your hair.

Having made the final preparations, he waited near the door. He heard her arrive a few minutes early and he saw her wait patiently on the stoop, glancing at her watch to know the precise time to knock.


She kept her eyes down as she waited for an answer. She was not allowed to look her Master in the eyes without permission and she didn’t accidentally want to break that rule before they had even started.

He made her wait to draw out her anticipation and force her to be patient. He waited until she began to shift her feet from being in the same place for too long. She was wearing a silky black dress, no jewelry, and her brown hair fell past her shoulders. He thought he saw goosebumps rising from her arms.

Swinging open the door, he grabbed her by the waist with one hand as he put his other hand over her mouth.

“Don’t say a word.”

She felt her body become weak from the excitement of his strong hands on her.  Her mind instantly ready to submit to his will. Over the course of their time together, she had learned so much, given so much, and opened herself completely to him.

And tonight was going to be the night that she showed him just how grateful she was…but he had other plans.

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Lifting her up and over his shoulder, he carried her to the door of his training room and put her on the floor.

“Present to me.”

She took off her clothes, carefully placed them on the chair beside the door, and spread her legs wide apart with her arms locked behind her head. She stood as still as a statue with her chin up and her eyes locked on his feet.

He looked her up and down.

“Go to the bed and present yourself on all fours.”

She scurried to the bed to do as he asked. She saw the hard black webbing gripping tightly onto the bed. She said nothing and simply presented herself on her knees with her face away from her Master as she awaited his next command.

First she felt the bed shift as her Master slowly moved towards her. Then a strong grip of her hair and a sharp tug bringing her head back to his. She felt his hot breath in her ear and the warmth spreading throughout her body.

“You have been a very good slave. And do you know what happens to good slaves?”

“No, Master” she politely replied

He laughed. “You’re about to find out. Face down and ass up slave.”

Lowering her face to the bed, her ass instinctively raised higher into the air to give her Master better access to his toy. Coming around in front of her, he quickly cuffed her delicate little wrists beside her body before securing her ankles in place.

Taking a step back, he viewed the beautiful sight before his eyes and the infinite number of possibilities that lay ahead. Interlace Bed Restraint Set Demo

She started breathing harder and faster to keep up with the rapid pace set by her heart. Her heart was pounding so intensely she could feel the vibrations pounding all the way to her pussy.  Damn, how just his slightest look and touch makes her body light up, but when he would put her in her proper place…well let’s just say it was good she was bound.

Slowly circling his prey, he double checked each bind to make sure she wasn’t going anywhere. Not that it matter, he knew if she got loose she wouldn’t move a muscle without his command. He had trained her too well to do that, but it just felt better knowing she was securely locked in where he wanted her.

Her ass raised up like a flag of submission, begging for her Master to take it. He smiled at the thought, before giving her some nice spanks to remind her where she was and who she belonged too. She would jump from surprise and squeak with each smack, but always thanked him immediately after – just as she was taught.

“What a good girl you are. You’re my good girl aren’t you?”

“Always Master” she replied as she melted deeper into her submissive bliss.

Nothing made her heart beat and pussy throb like when he called her a good girl. She could feel the wetness between his pussy lips slowly dripping between her legs. If her hands and legs had been free, she would have dropped to her knees and wrestled her Master’s big hard cock out of his pants. Her mouth worshiping his beautifully built manhood, like it had never been pleasured before. The feel, the taste, the smell…the thought just overwhelming and driving her crazy because here she was bound in place desperately waiting for his touch.

Oh how she hated it, by god did she love it at the same time. Her mind and body running on complete overdrive. Burning and aching for just the slightest touch.

Without a word, he held her hips with both of his hands to get her into the best position. He debated what he was about to do, but then went ahead with what he had already planed.

Caressing her ass gently with his hands, he could feel the goosebumps slowly raising on her skin. Her swollen pussy and asshole looked gorgeous in the dim light. Lightly tracing his fingers over her pussy lips, she shuddered from his touch. He loved drawing out a scene especially when it was for a reward. His slave made the most beautiful noises and uncontrollable movements the hornier she would get. By the end of the night he wanted her a screaming writhing sweat cum soaked gorgeous mess.

“Tonight, I am going to allow you to cum as a reward for all your hard work and dedication. But you still need to ask me for permission before you will be allowed to cum. Do you understand?”

Shocked, she whispered, “Yes. Thank you, Master.”

He began rubbing her pussy, caressing her soft smooth lips allowing her warm juices to escape. Her hard throbbing clit was screaming to be touched as he gently massaged around it. Every time he came even a bit too close to her clit her entire body would buck uncontrollably.

With each tremble that came from her body, he would spank her ass to bring her attention back to him. After a polite thank you, he would continue teasing his little sub pussy.

It didn’t take long for her entire pussy to be covered in her juices. The sight was absolutely beautiful and it smelled even better, but it was her beautiful tight little asshole that was frantically winking at him that caught his attention. He dove right into her round plump ass and devoured it as if he had been starving for it all day. She instantly shot her head back as a huge moan escaped from her mouth.

She always enjoyed the hot wet feel of his tongue on her ass. She always knew big orgasms laid ahead in her immediate future. A smile form on her face, as she bit her lip in ecstasy.

His licking didn’t hinder his fondling of her little pussy. He continued to rub his submissive pussy, switching between massaging her clit and sliding his fingers inside his greedy fuck hole. With his last free hand he squeezed and clawed at her red round ass cheek, between spankings that caused her holes to clench. It was an orchestra of delights magically being conducted on her body and the only thing she could do was surrender to the moment.

Coming up, the light reflecting off her soaking wet asshole as it contracted and relaxed in delight. With his finger deep in her wet pussy grinding against her tender G-spot, he began to slowly rub his thumb ever so gently against her asshole. Her tight hole immediately relaxed around his thumb as if her body were begging him to slide it in, which he knew it was. But tonight while she would be receiving her hard earned reward it would be given on his schedule.

He pressed his thumb against her hole and just when she was about to open for him, he would pull back causing her arms and feet to writhe and thrash about in silent protest.

“Please Master, fill me” she begged “I have been good, please Master.”

“Oh you have been good.” he replied “I just want you hotter.” Before sliding his thumb into her ass.

With just that one change, she furiously began rocking and gyrating her hips desperate to get as much pleasure as she possibly could. Her submissive composure lost, and her greedy slut consuming her every movement.

Giving her head a shake, she was able to pull herself together just long enough to bring herself back to her submissive nature.

“Please may i cum Master” she moaned “Please, please can i cum, Master”

“Please Master i can’t stop it!” she begged “i am going to cum…”

He smiled and pulled both of his hands free stopping any pleasure instantly. A massive whimper rang out as she tried to catch her breath and calm herself. Her holes were both throbbing, her body felt like it was on fire and her mind was dizzy. She thought this was supposed to be a reward for being good, than why was he being so cruel. Yet, she also wondered why she loved it so much. No man had ever made her as horny as he did.

“Now lets really turn up the heat”

Vibrating Silicone PenetratorComing around to face her, she saw something she had never seen before. In his hand he held a black long rod with multiple bulbs along the shaft.


She immediately opened her mouth to give access to her Dominant but he was confused as he was still dressed so she wouldn’t be able to pleasure his cock. That is when the rod was shoved in her mouth.

“It’s going in your ass, so you best get it wet.”

She quickly worked as fast as she could to get her Master’s new toy wet. Sucking, licking and spitting on as much as she could get access too. She knew any dry spots would hurt once inside her tight ass, and it would be her fault. She did what she could from her limited ability to move.

She also desperately hoped that if she did a good job perhaps he would reward her with the real thing in her wanting mouth.

He just looked down on her in absolute delight as he watched her vigorous doing whatever she could to complete the task. Of course, he wasn’t going to give her enough time.

“I hope that’s enough” pulling the toy away “I guess we will find out.”

Panicked she desperately tried to reach for the toy with her mouth to get at least one more drop of spit, but it was too late. He had taken it away and powerless to get it back.

Coming round behind her, out of view of her sight he secretly began covering the toy in lube. He wanted to make sure the toy easily entered into her hole, but she didn’t need to know that.

Pressing the head of the toy against her asshole, “Do you think you did a good enough job?”

“i don’t know Master” she sheepishly replied, worried of what she might have missed. She felt the pressure of the toy being pushed against her asshole. The head of the toy gently slowly spreading her asshole apart and gliding bit by bit inside of her.

Just when she thought she might not be able to stretch any wider, the bulb began decreasing in size before it was suddenly swallowed by her asshole. The change in size and speed shocked and shook her body. She always loved the feeling of fullness in her ass, but by the feel of the next bulb pressed against her ass she knew this was just the start. So many more bumps to overcome.

“Well done, did that feel good?” he smirked, knowing the answer.

“Very good, Master i love when you use all of your slave holes” she said as she relaxed into the toy in her asshole.

Once she caught her breath she could feel the girth of the next bulb being pressed against her. Her tight asshole holding tight to the first bulb as the second slowly pressed its way in. Her asshole slowly opening to swallow the next bulb when she was stunned by the sudden feel of intense vibrations coming off the toy. The vibration felt so good against her sensitive hole, and before she knew it her asshole had unconsciously opened for the second bulb as it snugly fit into place.

The rapid change from large to small shook her to her chore, however the vibrations kept sending the shakes pulsing through her body.

“One more” he said and with that he began pushing the next bulb into her ass.

Oh how she loved the way he used her and with the last bulb inside she could feel the rod deep within her ass. The vibrations carrying through her body, as he moved the rod within her, back and forth with a small penetrative motion. Her hips moved with the penetration and buckled from the vibrations. She had never come down from before and this toy in her ass was pushing her well past her previous point of no return.

With every motion of her body, each moan that escaped her lips, caused his cock to swell and respond to her body and her willingness to submit to him. With each throb of his cock, he would spank her ass as he drove the rod in deeper. As the throbbing became more frequent he would spank her harder and faster as he moved the rod in unison.

She continued to writhe around, to feel the sensations wash over her, and her breath began to be even more labored. He could tell that she was intensely fighting an orgasm….

“May i cum, Master?”

“I didn’t hear you” he commanded

“PLEASE…PLEASE may i cum, Master?” she screamed “i’m sorry, Master. Please may i please cum?”

“Yes, slave you may Cum for me NOW!”

She immediately began to scream and cry out, releasing the desire that had built up in her. Being bound, she was unable to escape the ongoing penetration of the toy until to her surprise he pulled the rod out one bulb at a time as her asshole clenched down with each gasm. Each sensation rippling through her body as wave after wave of pure ecstasy was ejected from her body.

She still couldn’t lay down completely, due to the position she was in but she tried to catch her breathe and relax her body. Her muscles barely able to support her body. Sweaty, spent and exhausted she tried to refocus her mind.

“Thank you, Master. Thank you for the wonderful reward.” she gasped

“Oh no, that was not the reward. That was just the warmup.”

She gasped in response.

He disappear for what seemed like a minute as she tried to muster as much strength as she could for his return but he wasn’t gone that long. When he returned, she could feel him unlatching the cuffs and this time she could feel that he was naked as well. Her excitement skyrocketed, she was going to feel her Master’s cock deep inside her. She didn’t care which hole he chose, as long as she could feel every inch of him throbbing inside of her.

“Roll over onto your back”

As she rolled over, she came face to face with a truly beautiful vision. Not only was she starring at her Master’s big hard cock with that beautiful pre-cum drip but there was a dildo coming out from underneath him. Her mouth dropped the moment she realized what was going where. She quickly pulled up her legs to give him easier access, and threw back her hands above her head to allow him to cuff her down.

Triple Your Pleasure Vibrating Cock Ring DemoWith that he held the dildo against her ass and his cock against her pussy. With a steady push from his hips, both slowly slid inside of her. Her pussy and asshole felt super tight as each hole was completely filled. He continued to slide in until both his throbbing cock and dildo were balls deep within her. Her pussy and ass began convulsing as she tried to take it all in. She had wanted this for so long and she could feel herself losing control of her body.

“Please Master, may I cum” she cried as her body squirmed underneath his weight.

“Not yet.”

And with that he turned on the vibrator to the ring surrounding his cock and the vibrator to the dildo in her ass. The vibrations traveled up both shafts carrying through her pussy and her already ravaged ass. Her back arched, her head snapped back opening her mouth as she cryed “OHhhh Master, Pleeeeasssse?”

And with that he slowly began moving himself in and out, her muscles desperately squeezing his cock eagerly trying to milk his precious cum from him. Each thrust getting harder and faster, pounding and pounding against her body. The thrusting from his powerful body driving her body forward with no escape in sight.

Her body was alight with electricity firing throughout her soul. Her mind overwhelmed, she screamed and pleaded as her only way to stay conscious.

“Look at Me!”

She opened her eyes to see him gazing down at her. The intensity of his stare, the flexing of his muscles with each thrust and the sweat rolling off his skin caught in the light. He was her everything; her owner, Master, and lover. Her mind, body and soul belonged to him and in his stare she was caught.

“Cum For Me Now!” He commanded

With that one phrase, her entire body tensed as her mind and body exploded in ecstasy. Wave after wave of pleasure pounded her body, causing her to contract with each surge of energy. Her pussy and asshole grasping tightly onto the shafts desperately pulling them in deeper and deeper.

“Thank you, Master” she screamed “Ooooohhhhh, Thank you, Maaaaasssster.”

The orgasm was just kept going and going. When she thought it was about to slow down, she would feel his cock and dildo deeper inside her and another wave would hit.

Just as she was about to beg him to stop, she felt his cock double in size, shaking and throbbing inside her. She knew he was about to cum and the thought pushed her higher than before.

“Pleeeeeasssse!” she wailed “Pleeeeaaassse, Master may i have you cum?”

After all the waves of pleasure finally subsided for both of them, he took off the cock ring and pushed her wrists to the side so he could look at her, but she would still be right where he wanted her.

He brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“This is what happens when you are a good slave.”

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