Dom/sub Journal: Lead Or Follow?

Lead or Follow?  Dominant or submissive?  For many people this seems like such a silly question. If you are interested in BDSM then obviously you must know what you prefer.  However, this is one of the most complex questions within BDSM.  You must truly know yourself and your desires to understand your answer to this…

Vet Office Roleplay Scene

When you’re ready to take your BDSM playtime to a new level, it’s time to change the scenery. Heading into the vet office allows you a lot of different options for a Master or Mistress and their slave, allowing the dominant to be in complete control of the ‘animal’ that is brought in for help. You can create a dark and naughty scene, or you can keep this scene light and humorous, depending on the state of your training and what you want to accomplish with a slave.

The Right Office Equipment for Vets