Vet Office Roleplay Scene

When you’re ready to take your BDSM playtime to a new level, it’s time to change the scenery. Heading into the vet office allows you a lot of different options for a Master or Mistress and their slave, allowing the dominant to be in complete control of the ‘animal’ that is brought in for help. You can create a dark and naughty scene, or you can keep this scene light and humorous, depending on the state of your training and what you want to accomplish with a slave.

The Right Office Equipment for Vets

You might not realize this, but vet offices have a number of naughty toys in them. Vet tape is made to be applied to the skin without pulling out any hair, so it’s the perfect equipment for bondage and for gags. You will want to stock up on this and make sure you get it in a number of fun colors. You might also want to have an examination table upon which the pet can sit or lay. It is also a good idea to have various vet examination tools that can help you check to make sure the slave is healthy and suitable for you. You can even pick up a costume that will make the slave feel as though they are truly acting and behaving as an animal during their time in the office. And don’t forget a plastic cone that you can place around their neck when you’re done treating them.

Examining the Pet for Problems

Place the slave on the table and have them crawl up or get on all fours as you examine them. Remember, they are an animal and they need to be treated as such. You need to look over their skin to make sure there aren’t any pests or injuries. Check in every nook and cranny to ensure that this pet is fully assessed. You can even check to make sure they are able to perform as you would want them to. For example, you might want to have them run around the room or stretch out to see how their body moves. Use your imagination to see how you can test the pet to makes sure they are as healthy as possible for the next part of your vet appointment.

Making Sure the Pet is Healthy Again

To make sure that the pet is not going to harm themselves after their time with you, it’s a good idea to put the collar of shame around them so they can not scratch at their face or look around too much. Binding their hands and feet so they have pure paws is another good way to restrict their movement before and after the examination. You want to make sure your pet is going to be healthy for any other work you might want to do. You can then place them in a cage for a certain period of time with a water bowl. You can also pretend to sedate them if you want to place them into a bondage situation so that you can perform any operations you like on them.

Your pet slave is going to be as healthy as possible and ready to be by your side. You can use this sort of scene as a punishment or you can use it as a way to begin a scene in which your slave is no longer a human. Whether you choose to be a naughty vet or you choose to play with your slave and try to make them do tricks, it’s up to you.


Master Bishop

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