Domination Of An Alpha Submissive

Having discussed the ups and downs of a long term Dominant/submissive relationship with Master Alan, I figured everybody could benefit from their fifteen years together.  While a Dom/sub dynamic seems simple enough from the outside looking, in fact it can be even more complex and difficult to manage.  However, the benefits and joys that one can experience if able to work through such difficult situations can prove to be truly euphoric.  Many would agree well worth any struggle.

This is why I asked Master Alan to share with you his story about the winding and sometimes bumpy road He and his Alpha submissive took to get where they are now.  Clearly this long journey can not be expressed in one article, so Master Alan will be sharing his story in multiple articles.  I hope you enjoy and learn from his experience and knowledge.


Master Bishop


I want to take a moment to clarify something. What I will be discussing here is my personal dynamic and beliefs. I personally feel that when you place a collar on a sub/slave (s/s) that it holds the same weight as a legal marriage. It is a commitment. I am not referring to a collar used during play for purposes of restraint. I am talking about when you collar a s/s as your property and take ownership. You should also understand that this lifestyle has many different aspects to it. What works for us, can be (and usually is), totally different from what works for others. There is no right or wrong dynamic, but what works for your situation. Our dynamic has evolved over the years to what it is today. I am sure that it will look totally different ten years from now.

How To Intensify Your Sub’s Training

At some point of your training, you begin to realize that your submissive can be more than they are at that moment. Whether they have already learned everything you have taught them or they simply seem bored with being a submissive, a Dominant’s job is to make sure that training continues. Let’s talk about how you can intensify your training sessions so that your slave is going to realize that you’re not done with them – not at all.

First Things First…

Sit down with your submissive outside of the Dungeon and talk to them. Ask them how they feel in regards to their training. Some things you need to understand and the more you understand the better you will be able to ramp up their training:

  • Are they feeling overwhelmed from training?
  • Are they adjusting well to their training and dealing with the rest of their vanilla life?
  • Are they having a difficult time remembering instructions/training?
  • How has their energy level been?

These questions can give you a good idea of whether your submissive is overdoing things, being pushed too hard and/or is close to burning out.

  • How difficult would you say your training has become?
  • Do you find yourself becoming bored or uninterested in training lately?  Are you becoming bored or uninterested in things in general?
  • Are you wanting more challenges and tasks to be assigned to you in your training?
  • Is there any new skills or activities that you are wanting to learn?
  • Is there anything that you need more from Me as your Dominant?
  • Do you have any concerns regarding your training or of Me (Your Dominant) that you would like to speak openly about?

You can always ask more questions, these are just meant to help you get started

Use Harder Toys