All About Ass Worship

Slave Worshipping Dominatrix' AssFor some BDSM couples, it’s all about the ass. And why shouldn’t it be? Round and ripe for all sorts of play, this area of the body can be erogenous as much as it can be a target for punishment. In the practice of ass worship, you can begin to focus on your partner’s ass or you can have your ass worshipped, depending on your desires. Here are some basic ways you can begin to create an ass filled night, pun intended.

Oral Pleasure and the Ass

While many people think that ass worship only goes one way, in fact ass worship can go both ways.

Worshiping your Dom/me’s Ass:  Any submissive can easily  pleasure their Master’s cock or their Mistress’ pussy on command. Most usually beg for the chance.  However, to be forced to get on their knees and only be allowed to pleasure the dirtiest of holes can be a powerful experience for a sub.  This form of ass worship expresses two very clear points:

1)The submissive is not an equal to the Dom/me and that their place is beneath their Dom/me. Literally with their face in the Dom/me’s ass. Ever heard of a “Brown-Noser?” This is literally what you are making your sub do.  They have to suck up to the Dom/me by sticking their face in the Dominant’s ass.

2) It is the submissive’s job to please their Dom/me, in any way They may desire (within pre-discussed limits).  A good submissive will want to please their Dom/me even if it means that they are only worthy enough to worship their Dom/me’s ass.  Think about it, a Dom/me only uses this part of their body for dirtiest of activities and a submissive is being made to worship it.  This can be a very humiliating and/or humbling experience for a slave.

Worshiping A Slave’s Ass:  There’s nothing as exciting as making a slave scream with pleasure when a Dom/me is worshiping a slave’s ass orally. When the slave is bound up, they can have their ass licked and stimulated with the tongue. While this is pleasurable for lots of subs because of the many nerve endings in the ass, this can also be a scene of humiliation for some slaves. Since the ass is the ‘dirty’ place that no one is supposed to see or to touch, this becomes a risqué and edge pushing scene for many a slave. To prepare for this sort of scene, it might be a good idea for the slave to be instructed to clean the area thoroughly as this will only serve to make them all the more excited for the upcoming scene.

This type of worship also enforces the idea that the sub’s body belongs to their Dom/me.  That no part of their body is off limits (if previously agreed upon).  Their body belongs to their Dominant, including this most intimate and sensitive of areas.

Filling the Ass for Pleasure

But this anal opening is also a place that is not supposed to have anything put into it, which can make this a very intense scene.

Worshiping A Slave’s Ass: Penetrating a submissive anally can have a very powerful effect for both the Dom/me and sub.  The anus is such a extremely sensitive and delicate part of a person’s body, even more so then the vagina or penis.  Therefore to receive something in the anus at their Dom/me’s command takes a lot of trust from a submissive and makes them extremely vulnerable. Penetrating a submissive anally can show:

1) That the submissive trusts their Dominant and that even when given access to such a delicate part of a sub, they know their Dominant will protect them and do everything in your power to not hurt them.

2) That the submissive’s body belongs to the Dom/me and they will provide the Dom/me with pleasure when they want and how they want.  Even if it means giving their Dominant access to such an uncommonly used hole.

Slave Anal Training Toys
Submissive Anal Training Gear

When you want to worship a slave’s ass, it can be highly exciting to see what sorts of items can be placed into the anus. Don’t get too carried away, some slaves have tighter asses, so they will need you to begin very slowly. Anal Training a submissive is not an overnight process, it is very hard for both the Dom/me and submissive. One helpful tool can be to incorporate an anal training kit. These kits include butt plugs that gradually get larger with each plug, helping the slave begin to feel more and more comfortable with anal penetration one step at a time. Dildos can also be used as can inflatable butt plugs, when the submissive becomes more comfortable and advanced.

Helpful Tip: Keep these items in the ass as long as possible during other activities, i.e. oral sex, to help connect the ass play with pleasure.

Worshiping A Dom/me’s Ass: While anally penetrating a Dom/me is not as common as with a sub in a Dom/sub relationship, there are some Dom/me’s that do enjoy this kind of worship.  While the submissive may get a chance to worship their Dom/me’s ass by penetrating it, this does not mean they will have the honor of being the one to penetrate it. 

Many Dom/mes will use a dildo face harness so they can still enjoy the sensations of anal penetration while maintaining a Dominant position with their submissive.   This power dynamic is maintained while: 

Face Fucking Harness
Face Fucking Harness

1) The submissive is allowed to pleasure their Dom/me as is their job, they however do not get the honor of being the one to penetrate their Dom/me.  This means they are always on the outside, so there is no physical stimulation for them to enjoy as they service their Dom/me. All they can do is focus on worshiping their Dom/me’s ass as they move the harness in and out

2) The Dominant stands over their submissive, thus forcing the sub to their knees and beneath their Dom/me in order to utilize the face harness.

3) For a sub knowing they are so close to something they know would feel amazing can drive them wild.  Being in this frenzied state can heighten their need to please their Dom/me for hopefully that one chance that they just might be allowed. A powerful tool in any Dom/me’s arsenal is creating a state of wild frenzied sexual energy mixed with hope that can keep a sub truly motivated. Hence allowing a submissive to look but not to touch.

Punishment and Ass Play

Some Dominants like to worship the ass by seeing just how much abuse it can take. You can use several different techniques to make sure the ass is cherry red and sensitive at the end of the session: spanking, flogging, whipping, etc. It’s always a good idea to begin with spanking as this will make the blood rush to the surface of the skin, and this will ensure maximum sensitivity for other implements. Once the skin is good and red, then you can use a crop or some other implement to continue the ass worship. Of course, inserting something into the ass during this practice can be a good test of a slave’s concentration. Let them know they need to keep the object in their ass – or get punished even more.

Whether Y/you want to show Your submissive that their body belongs to You or prove to your Dominant how much you worship every inch of Them.   Everyone wins with ass worship, so don’t forget to add some into your training regime.


Master Bishop

P.S.  Feel free to add any of your favorite ways to ass worship.  Just leave a comment below.


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2 thoughts on “All About Ass Worship”

  1. One very intense arse play activity is “Figging” a restrained submissive.
    Ginger is very healthy!! lol

  2. I am the personal toilet of a beautiful Black Dominatrix, and have been Her property for 5 yrs. Worshipping Her ass is a pleasure and
    honor. Thank You for publishing this information on this subject.

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