Hand Worship

Your hands are an erogenous zone, if you didn’t already know. These parts of your body are filled with nerve endings, which makes sense considering all they’re tasked to do during the day. Your hands are the way that you perceive the world and they can also be a source of erotic pleasure. If you’re looking to create a new scene in your BDSM relationship, perhaps it’s time to turn to hand worship – and even if this doesn’t end up being a regular part of your routine, your hands deserve the worship anyway.

Preparing the Hands

As with any part of the body that deserves worship, you will want to prepare the hands of the person who is being worshipped. This will begin with a cleansing of the hands to ensure there is no dirt or grime there. Next, the hands will need to have some oils rubbed on them, focusing on the dry spots as well as on the cuticles above the nails. Next, the nails can be trimmed, as needed. The hands can then have lotion or massage gel rubbed into them, helping to ease any tension or any pain that might be in the hands. The hands are then wiped of any excess lotion and they are ready to be worshipped the way they were designed to be worshipped.

Sucking on Fingers

You might already know that sucking on toes is an erotic experience for both the giver and the receiver, but when you turn to the hands, that can also be just as hot. Move from finger to finger, licking them up and down (slowly) and then suck on each finger to ensure they are completely worshipped. These fingers can mimic a penis, so you can stroke them up and down, moving them in and out of your mouth until your Mistress or Master is pleased. Then you can move to licking and stroking the entire hand and palm to ensure the hand is completely soothed and pleasured.

Creating Worship Scenes

The hand worship scene is simple to construct and it can help you create a stronger bond between the Dominant and the submissive.

* Hand preparation – Before any hand worship scene, you will want to prepare the hand to be the focal point. This might include a manicure, if the slave is able to perform this task.

* Role playing – One way to create a scene is to have the Master or Mistress instruct the slave on how to prepare their hands for a scene in which they will be tested.

* Another role playing idea – Have the slave be a hand care specialist who doesn’t do their job well, so the Master or Mistress must punish the slave until they get it right.

* Continued hand worship – The hands can also be worshipped in every scene with simple kisses or strokes. This is especially important when the Master or Mistress’ hands are tired after spanking or flogging.

* Hand rituals – At the start of each scene or the end of each scene, it might be a good idea to include some sort of hand worship. After all, the hands are what dole out the punishments and what hand out the pleasure.

Hand worship allows both the Dominant and the submissive to have a chance to show how much they appreciate the hands they have and the hands that have them. By taking the time to be grateful, the hands can continue to do what they need to do in order to create the best BDSM scene and connection possible.

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Master Bishop


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1 thought on “Hand Worship”

  1. Thank You, Master Bishop, for sharing this awesome idea. This can be both relaxing and a rewarding pleasure for my Master! So many times the hands are forgotten, during a massage, and they are extremely sensitive and it does complete the experience. Also, Sir, it is appreciated that You gave the scenario, as an alternative, of not doing the task correctly and getting punished for it.

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