Shaving Your Partner Before a Scene

If you want to bring your partner into a state of tension, even before a scene begins, you might want to look at the value of shaving right before you begin. Not only is this a hot way to begin a scene, but it can also create anticipation that will make for intense orgasms and BDSM play. Nothing says control like telling your partner that you’re going to shave their most intimate areas.

The Basics of Shaving

When you’re shaving your partner, you don’t want to hurt them. You just want them to think about the possibility that you might hurt them – talk about trust and power control. Shaving should occur in a few different steps:

* Heat up the skin with hot water – This will help to bring the hairs out of the follicles, allowing for a closer shave.
* Trim Off Long Hairs – If their pubic region is very bushy, use some scissors to trim the hair to make it easier to shave.
* Add shaving cream, gel, or oil – This will help the blade move across the skin more easily.
* Use a sharp razor – Whether you use a straight blade or a traditional razor, having a sharp blade will help to create a smoother and safer shave. Shave in the direction of the hair growth. Rinse between each stroke to clean the blade off and keep it ready for a new stroke.

You will find that you are going to need some practice at first with shaving your partner, especially if you’ve never shaved those areas of your own body. Take some time to practice on your own body first and then turn the blade onto your slave.

Building up the Tension

It can help to build up the tension of the shaving by letting your slave know of this a few days in advance. Let them know they are to grow out their hair so that it can be shaved away. You might also want to have them choose the razor and shaving cream you will use. It will also be good to have them soak in a hot bath before you shave them, for a little while as this will heat the skin and cause them to think about what you’re going to do with them. Put them up on a table where you can reach them easily and tell them not to move. The slave is certain to stay still, no matter what you do.

Being Safe When Shaving

When you are shaving someone else, you will want to move slowly across the skin, moving in larger strokes on flat pieces of skin, and in shorter strokes on smaller areas of less smooth skin. Take your time and don’t worry as much about how close the shave is, at least not at first. What you will want to do is to move methodically and smoothly, not in a jumping manner. You want your slave to be as still as possible, so gentle caresses while you are shaving are going to be the best way to use this in your scenes. You might also want to have your slave shave themselves in front of you for the first few times. This will help you to learn how to move around their skin, while also adding some objectification and humiliation to the scene for your slave.

Shaving your slave before a scene will allow you to create a stronger connection in your relationship, while also helping to boost the adrenaline in the scene. While you might not use this shaving scene every time, it will help to keep a slave under control and ready for a longer night of play.

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Master Bishop

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