Preparing Your Body for a Session

When you know you’re going to be with your Master or Mistress, it can be difficult to concentrate on anything else. But as their slave, you need to make sure their experience is as enjoyable for them as it is for you. Cleanliness is next to godliness, at least, that’s what you’ve heard. Your body should be in the best shape possible for each session you have so that your Master or Mistress continues to be pleased with what they see and what they own.

Cleaning Up the Right Way

Before your session, it would be a good idea for you to take a basic shower and to wash your hair thoroughly. Take care to use products which are scented with scents your Master or Mistress enjoys, careful not to put too many scented products on as this can be overwhelming. Once you have completed your shower, you will want to make sure your genitals are also ready for any sort of play that might be expected well. Taking a clean finger and putting it into your anal opening will help to ensure you are very clean as will cleaning up your labia and your vulva. Use unscented soaps when you do this as anything with a fragrance may cause irritation in your privates – and that’s not too appealing. Pat yourself dry and move onto the next step.

To Shave or Not To Shave?

While you can also shave when you’re in the shower, chances are good you won’t get as close a shave until after your skin has been washed and warmed. Once you have patted yourself dry, apply a layer of shaving lotion to your legs and to any other area that needs to be shaved. Use long, smooth stokes to glide up and down your skin, shaving against the hair growth. Rinse your razor regularly and then repeat in the opposite direction.

Once you have finished shaving your legs, move onto the genital area. If you have a new razor available, use it. Apply more shaving lotion if necessary and slowly shave with the hair growth at first and then against this hair growth. This will help you to avoid razor burn. After shaving, pat yourself dry and remove any stray hairs that might be present. Use a natural lotion all over your body to seal in the moisture of your bath and your shave.

Those who do not choose to completely shave their pubic region might want to invest in a personal trimmer as this can be used on a daily basis to keep your hairs short and neat with the need for shaving completely.

Special Touches to Thrill Your Master or Mistress

If you want to show your owner that you are thinking about them, you might want to always apply the same perfume they have bought for you or that they especially enjoyed on you. This shows you were listening and that you care about what makes them happy. In addition, a shimmery lotion or a self tanning lotion can make your skin appear flawless as they examine you during a session. Make sure to apply these sorts of lotions long before the session so they have time to sink into your skin instead of into your clothing.

A Regular Routine for a Clean Slave

Though it might seem like a better idea to clean up for your individual sessions, having your body ready at all times is a way to show your Master or Mistress you are thinking about them at all times. Take regular showers and be sure to shave regularly as well. This will also help your cleaning routine be more efficient when you do need to prepare for a session. Schedule at least 15 minutes of personal care each day to ensure you always look your best.

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  1. thank you for your articles they are always very helpful as I am new to the lifestyle and want very much to please any Dom I sub to.

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