How to Make a Slave Contract

While some people like to play with BDSM in order to add a little spice to their bedroom activities, others take things more seriously. You might be one of those people who want to set up a strong power relationship between yourself and your slave – but how do you get started? When you’re serious about building a Master-slave relationship, you need to start off with some basic rules and guidelines for how the two of you will interact. In doing so, you are not only creating a list of what’s to be expected, but also a list of what you will both bring to the relationship. Just like a business, your BDSM relationship needs a contract. Here’s how to make one.

What’s Going to Happen in Your Session Time

One of the most enjoyable parts of creating a contract with your slave is sitting down and talking about what will be in your sessions together and what will not. It can help for both of you to create lists of what you want and what you don’t want and then to compare lists to see how much overlap there is. If you’re interested in pushing the boundaries of your slave and they are interested in the same, you will also want to create a list of ‘maybe’ activities you may try in the future. This way, you can always add something new to the mix if it seems that training going along well for both sides. Remember that making this list needs to be a two-sided discussion as you don’t want to make either side do something they don’t want to do.

What’s Going to Happen Between Session Times

But just because you play together doesn’t necessarily mean you stay together or just with each other. Your contract should also include a list of the rules for being with other partners. Often, a Master might have multiple partners, but only reside with one. No matter what your situation for you or for your slave, you will want to include it in the contract. This can also include the number of days the slave can expect to serve you as well as what days, if that’s necessary. In being clear about the rules and the expectations from the start, no one will be confused once you encounter any troubles along the way.

Special Guidelines and Rules

If there are physical considerations to keep in mind, a special guidelines section might also be implemented. This way, both parts of the relationship will be away of things they need to keep in mind as they play. You might also want to include a set of rules about grooming and about hygiene to help maintain a certain level of preparedness for a spontaneous session. Others might enjoy adding a section about holidays and special events to make sure the time is devoted to each other from the start.

It will also help if this section includes guidelines as to what might happen if the relationship should fall apart. What will be provided to the slave, what will happen to shared equipment, etc.

Updating the Contract

Since people are subject to change, your contract should be subject to change as well. Every six months or so, you might want to sit back down with your slave to see what might be changed in the actual contract. If nothing needs to be changed, you can both simply re-sign it and recommit to your relationship together. If problems come up, you can also decide to make changes to the contract as needed.

Make sure the day you sign the contract is a special one, after all, you are committing to take care of each other and to grow in your BDSM practice. This is an important moment for the both of you, so treat it as such.


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  1. Excellent article! I always say that a contract is so vital to any BDSM relationship. Thank you for posting this.

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