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We Are Looking For Kinky Writers

BDSM Kinky Fetish Writers Wanted

Have You Ever Wanted To Be Paid To Do What You Love W/we are currently looking for writers with a passion for BDSM and all things Kinky. W/we would love to have someone like you, who has experience within BDSM and a passion for sharing their knowledge. W/we would love to help share and promote those who have a desire to share their knowledge and experience. W/we all grow when W/we all share what W/we know. Topics Of Interest Articles around BDSM techniques and practices, D/s relationships dynamics or other safe, sane and consensual practices around kinky activities Specific techniques for Dominant men, Dominant women, submissive men, submissive women and/or Switching Personal techniques you have used to make your partner a better submissive, techniques your…

Subtle Tattoos of Slavery

A slave who is dedicated to being a slave to a particular Master or Mistress might want to show their intention with something more permanent than a paper contract. Or a slave who is simply dedicated to being a slave for life might want to create a permanent marking on themselves to help remind them of their purpose and their goal in life. Tattoos can fit the bill in either situation. Permanent and personal, tattoos can offer a slave an experience of pain and pleasure, which can then continue to remind them of what they have promised to do in their life, one training session at a time. The Mark of the Slave For many slaves, the idea of a tattoo might be a very…

Submissive Question: Why Does My Commitment To My Dominant Fade

Understanding the Why Of Submission

Submissive Question I need help, i am in a long distance D/s relationship with my Mistress. I try to serve her obediently but my commitment fades. I only stay with my tasks for a short time and then stop doing it and forget about it. What can i do to reinforce my commitment and willpower to follow through all that my Mistress wants me to do? AR Master Bishop’s Opinion First know that this is a common feeling among submissives, so you are not the only one experiencing this. Most people kinky and vanilla struggle with prolonged commitment to a variety of desires in their lives. funny thing is, it has nothing to do with willpower or a lack of desire on your part. In…

Armbinding Your Submissive

Leather Arm Binder

Sometimes, you just need to switch things up and you need to make your slave feel all the more helpless than they already do when they are serving you in your dungeon. You’ve done the traditional bondage methods and you’ve begun a training program, but you need to test your slave even more. This is where armbinding can be a useful tool. Restrictive and immediate, your slave will be reminded in every moment that you are the one that holds the key to their freedom. Why Armbinding is Used Interestingly enough, armbinding is not something that Masters first came up with for their slaves. The original intention was to prevent a prisoner from switching up their handcuffs to the front when they were cuffed behind…

Acts Of Service

Slave Waiting For Instruction

I am a slave in a dedicated, long-term loving M/s relationship. I have been with my Master for 25 years. The first 18 as husband and wife, and then for the past 7 yrs. W/we have nurtured and grown our relationship into a consensual loving Master, slave relationship. Having come into the lifestyle from an existing loving relationship has provided some unique challenges but also some unique insights and perspectives. Recently I have been considering how my service seems to have two sides. The passive side – Here is where my obedience, trust, respect and submission reside. And, the active side – Here is where my acts of service can be expressed. For me, acts of service can feel more intimate than passive obedience and…

BDSM Starts With You

Why Do You Like BDSM

Many of life’s frustrations can come from a lack of understanding of ourselves, our essential needs and denial of our deepest desires. We can spend a lifetime ignoring and/or resisting these signals but the frustration continues to build. We jump head first into activities that make us happy in hopes that it will eliminate the frustration, and create a better life. But the happiness is fleeting and the frustration becomes more intense once the high from the activity is over. Understanding your purpose will help to make Life easier but to uncover that you must first know exactly who you are, what you need and what it is you want. Taking the time to understand yourself is difficult and most people can not be bothered…

Submissive Question: Manipulative Dominant And I Am Hooked

I’m an ex Dom who’s now wanting to be a submissive, I`m seeing a Dom who’s turned out to be a manipulator, but I’m hooked and I’m finding it hard to break free from him because of the way I feel about him, and I’ve broken one of my rules, which is NEVER date anyone you work with. And when I make him mad he sulks for days and I don’t hear from him. I really need some advice please Michelle ========================= Master Bishop’s Opinion It sounds like you’re in quite the situation right now, and I have to say that your Dominant history could possibly help you get back out of it. First let me say that you should not beat yourself over breaking…

The Most Taboo Topic Of BDSM

Dominant Responsibilities In BDSM

The fact that W/we are able to openly participate in BDSM and Dominant/submissive power exchange relationships is a true privilege. One many enjoy but few realize how grateful W/we should all be to have the freedom and the rights to be able enjoy O/our kinks. For many these intensely powerful experiences give an individual an opportunity to finally let go of all their worries and for once quiet their constantly overworked mind. It a moment to be in the here and now and bask in all your deepest desires. To lift the mask one wears in everyday life and finally be at peace with ones true self. What I write here should not take away from that. Everyone should have the right and freedom to…

BDSM Question: How To Perform A Collaring Ceremony

Collaring A Female Slave

BDSM Question: What and how is a collaring ceremony performed? I have earned my collar so, yes I would like for it to be a big deal. Anonymous Master Bishop’s Opinion Much like a ring for a traditional vanilla wedding, the collar is a physical representation of the bond and commitment taken on by the Dominant and their submissive/slave. In my experience, the collaring of a slave is a highly special time, a milestone that has been reached after a long period of submissive/slave training including, gained expertise in certain submissive trades/skills, passing tests set before them with flying colors, overall service and obedience and their typical day to day attitude towards submission/slavery. It is not something that happens overnight, nor is it something that…

Rewarding A Submissive For Good Behavior

Rewards Are For Good Submissives

Despite the commonly held belief that BDSM is essentially all about punishment, pain, whips, chains and anything that might cause severe agony, the exact opposite is more common place.  It can be hard to see past that first glimpse for many. If you dissect the definition Bondage, Discipline, Sado, Masochism; three of those words can be related to pain play, and even bondage can be used in a painful way depending on how it is applied. If you do a simple search for BDSM, many of the images you will find are submissives with strained faces being subjected to painful experiences. While much attention is focused on discipline and pain for dramatic effect, when it comes to actual submissive training rewards and positive reinforcement tend…

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