Exercise Your Fetish

A Fetish for Fitness

As a submissive in a 24/7 TPE relationship, I enjoy meeting the expectations of my Dominant. I strive to please him, I obey commands, I accept discipline and I serve, all of which require dedication and effort. I do enjoy the lifestyle we lead, but it’s not always easy. I find it helps if I’m feeling tip-top, and that means looking after my mental and physical fitness.

My Dominant encourages me to take care of myself too, he’s big on self-development and is my biggest cheerleader. This works well for me as motivation isn’t always my strong point. I have good intentions but don’t always have the willpower to see things through. Thankfully, My Sir is exceptionally good at keeping things on track. He emboldens me to make good choices and adopt a healthy lifestyle, and I am grateful for his attentiveness.

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What Does Combining Fitness and Fetish Involve?

This may vary from relationship to relationship, but my Sir and I have drawn up a well-being plan that forms part of our D/s contract. Plans can incorporate different elements such as exercise, diet, mental well-being, and general health. Short and long-term goals can be included, along with rewards and consequences. We’ll talk more about well-being plans later.

The submissive might be expected to focus on the plan independently, with the Dominant checking in at set intervals. Alternatively, the Dominant might take a more active role – leading the submissive through their exercise regime and keeping them moving with an encouraging swat to the backside as needed!

The Benefits of Combining Fitness and Fetish

Lets Get Physical With KinkNot everyone finds it easy to work out, eat well and make time for themselves. Life is full of distractions and temptation and making the “right” decisions can be challenging. Handing over the reins to you Dominant can lighten the load. I prefer to think of it as securing support rather than abdicating responsibility. I appreciate it’s my body and my life, I’m just seeking a little help to ensure I make the most of what I’ve got.

Being held accountable helps me focus and provides me with the motivation to get the job done. I’m not alone; I have the weight of my Dominant behind me, which makes me feel empowered. In the past, I’ve not only struggled with motivating myself to get fit and eat healthily, but I’ve also had to battle with feelings of guilt. I tried couch to 5k some time ago and would berate myself for missing a run, or not doing well, so much so I became disenchanted with the whole idea, telling myself I’d never be able to achieve my goal so why bother?

With my Sir at the helm, I feel differently. If I miss something or mess up, I am reprimanded as per our agreement, and I can then move on. In keeping with our D/s agreement, punishment is punishment, once the transgression has been dealt with it’s over and done with.

I also carried feelings of guilt about spending time on myself. Surely, I should be tackling the mountain of ironing, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or writing an article. Taking time out to go for a leisurely walk, reading or book, or practising yoga all seemed a little self-indulgent. Working out or running made felt acceptable, as did going to the dentist or doctors, but other self-care exploits seemed frivolous in comparison. Again, with my Sir in charge, I can let go of those uncomfortable feelings.

The Risks of Combining Fitness and Fetish

Whilst there are benefits of combining fitness and fetish, there are risks too. Your partner needs to know your current status, in terms of your mental and physical health. Do you have any injuries or illnesses that may hinder your progress? Constraints need to be noted and kept in mind whilst a fitness plan is formalised.

Fitness routines need to fit around your limitations, for instance, if you have a bad back you might need to avoid certain exercises. You need to work together to ascertain what you can and can’t do, discuss whether boundaries can be pushed, and identify hard limits.

The Importance of Consensual Fitness

We’ve touched on the importance of boundaries and limits, the Dominant needs to adhere to these to ensure the safety of the submissive. Safe words and signals are a must too. Even with an agreement in place, things can change, and the submissive needs to be able to call a halt at any time.

Mental and Physical Fitness Plan

Before embarking on any fitness plan a quick interrogation is in order. The submissive should outline their current habits, regardless of how unhealthy they are! It’s always best not to be overly ambitious, the plan should call for dedication but shouldn’t impose impossible targets.

Accepting Fitness Fetish Consequences

Consequences can be built into a fitness fetish exercise session or delivered separately. If you’re working out during a fetish fitness exercise session the submissive can be encouraged to work harder with a crop, paddle, or cane. The submissive can be forced to strip, stretch and bend over to expose themselves fully, nipples can be tweaked, buttocks can be slapped and genitals can be fondled – all in the name of getting fit!

Progress should be monitored against short-term and long-term goals, when the submissive digresses, punishment should be dished out. Consequences might include spankings, corner time, loss of privileges e.g., no mobile phone, writing lines, etc. When it comes to punishment the Dominant can get creative.

Embracing Fitness and Fet

If you like the idea of feeling and looking better and you enjoy kinky play, combining fitness with fet could be the perfect solution. Start small and build your plan together as you go. Who knew star jumps could be so fun? The good news is you’ll jump so much higher when that crop lands on your backside! Enjoy.

By Astolaine

A submissive in a 24/7 TPE marriage spanning twenty years, astolaine strives to serve and obey her beloved Sir. However, she does have a playful, bratty streak - which occasionally gets her into trouble. A fan of exploring the bright, bold world of kink, astolaine and her Sir regularly indulge in play, attending parties and events to complement their dynamic.

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