Complete Trust Within A Dom/sub Relationship

I just read this article by sub-kathleen and I had to immediately post it for everyone to read. I know I have talked about trust in BDSM multiple times before, but sub-kathleen has experienced a moment that has reshaped her life and her whole ideas of what trust truly is. It is this kind of trust that will build your relationship and strengthen your bond.

Have a read, I know this article will change your views on what trust really is!

The Internal Motivations of a Dominant

When you want to be in control of another person, you might become a boss or a manager. But for some, this control extends into the bedroom, where they can be in control of another’s feelings, experiences, and their comfort. While some dominants don’t take the time to think about it, when you begin to understand your true motivations for being a Mistress or a Master, you can create a BDSM relationship that works for your needs, while also training a submissive in the most effective way.

The Internal Motivation of a Submissive

A submissive is a person that willingly gives over control to a dominant, either in a relationship or within a specific playtime. But what drives a submissive to want to give up this control? There are many different motivations, almost as many as there are submissives in the world. Understanding why a submissive decides to take over their slave role allows not only the slave to understand themselves, but also to help the dominant understand what a slave needs from them in order to feel fulfilled.

Being a Good Online Submissive

Being a slave is a tough job – and it should be. If you were already good at being a slave, you wouldn’t need a Master/Mistress to help you. As a slave, you have a number of responsibilities on your plate, all of which are important and should be done dutifully and gracefully. If you are an online slave for some or for part of the time, you have different things you need to do in your training. Even though you might not be in the same room as your Master, you need to make sure you are fulfilling all of your duties. Here are some tips to help you make sure you are not only being the best slave possible, but also that you are learning from the online training process.

Can the Dungeon Be Sensual?

The stereotypical dungeon is cold and absent of anything comfortable, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, you can turn your dungeon into a sensual training ground, one in which you can enjoy being comfortable, as well as being challenged. All you need to do is to make a few simple adjustments and you will find that your room is just as tough as it used to be, but also luxurious.

BDSM Question: How To Use A Flogger For Punishment

Flogging A SlaveBDSM Question: How do you use a flogger as a punishment, when a slave likes being flogged?


Master Bishop’s Response

When a slaves like being flogged, sometimes, it’s best for the Master or the Mistress to pull out another tool, not only to keep things exciting, but also to make sure the slave doesn’t get too much pleasure out of something that is designed to teach a lesson. The flogger might be the preferred fun tool for many a Master (and Mistress), but there are certain ways that you can use it to be even more effective for dishing out a punishment.