A Day For Thanks

Remembrance Day (Nov. 11) is a day where W/we remember and thank those that have made such a difficult sacrifice, so that W/we can all benefit from the freedoms that W/we enjoy. If it was not for these brave men and women W/we would never be able to enjoy all the kinks that W/we do.

Whether you play today or any other time in the year, I want you to take some time and thank all those people that have allowed U/us to do what W/we love to do. Without them W/we would all be stuck doing missionary as the only form of sexual expression. The idea of someone having a fetish would be thought of as being mentally disturbed and assigned to an institution.

Show your thanks and appreciation that W/we are in a world that allows U/us the freedom to find, experiment and experience all the fantasies and desires that O/our minds can imagine, inside and outside of the dungeon.

A special thanks to all those brave men and women. Thank you

Master Bishop

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