Can the Dungeon Be Sensual?

The stereotypical dungeon is cold and absent of anything comfortable, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, you can turn your dungeon into a sensual training ground, one in which you can enjoy being comfortable, as well as being challenged. All you need to do is to make a few simple adjustments and you will find that your room is just as tough as it used to be, but also luxurious.

New Textures to Add

One of the things you need to do when you’re trying to make your dungeon more sensual is to add new textures. Things like velvet and silk can make a bed more appealing, and it can make for more luxurious scenes with a partner. Slowly begin to incorporate new textures to see how they work as a part of your training, and when you find something that works, then you can add these textures in permanently. These textures can be added to everything from the chairs, to the bed, to the walls, and more. Look for the places where a slave’s body might rest, and add softer feeling fabrics and materials. (Yes, even leather can be a more sensual texture.)

Choose Colors that Feel Warmer

While black and gray might be the colors that are seen most often in dungeons, you can also add in richer colors that make the room warmer and more dramatic. A good color to use is a deep red, one that brings in the sexual energy you want, as well as a warmer and inviting color. Other possible colors to add include blue and gold. Think about what the toys in your dungeon look like and add colors that complement these toys, or you can look for basic colors like black and silver to create a stunning backdrop for the colors you already have in your scenes. In addition, adding new colors for dungeon users to wear can create a colorful impact.

Focus on Long-Lasting Equipment

The biggest problem with many dungeons isn’t the way the dungeon looks, but how it’s being used. When you’re just using cheap toys or makeshift equipment, you’re going to create a scene in which everything feels rushed and cheap. Instead, you want to bring in toys and BDSM elements that are designed to last a long time. This might mean a bit of a financial investment for the Master or Mistress, as well as the slave, but these investments are well worth it. When you walk into a room and smell real leather, or you don’t have to worry about the sawhorse falling over during a scene, there’s an opportunity for scenes to be more intense and enjoyable.

A dungeon can certainly be a place where you can create a sensual feeling, a place where you can feel comfortable and supported, even if you’re being whipped continuously. The key is to look for ways to create a sensual feeling. This process can begin with a discussion between two partners, or the keeper of the dungeon may want to create the environment all on their own. No matter what, remember that the way a room looks can support the experiences that happen within the room. Even if you just add a few candles and a few mirrors to the walls, you can surround the slaves with reminders of their servitude and position. And when you can bring in more emotional touches that add to the experience, the training will be more effective.

Everyone wants their dungeon to strike fear into the heart of a slave, but sensual touches are just as dramatic too.


Mistress Brianne

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