February 2012

The Steps to Teaching a Lesson to a Submissive

If you’re new to the idea of having a sub, then you might not know where to begin. You’ve seen how BDSM relationships play out in movies and in books, but when it comes to real life settings, that’s when things get tricky. You can’t instantly train a sub. Training begins with a series of steps to create trust between you and your slave, a …

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Valentine’s & BDSM

Many people assume that just because someone is into BDSM that their whole lives most revolve around it 24/7. Well I’m sorry to burst the illusion for some people, but even people who live a 24/7 lifestyle still have hobbies, work, family and even romance outside of BDSM. That’s right, many Dom/me will put down their favorite flogger and let go of their sub’s leash …

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Moving from a Part Time to Full Time Submissive

Your role as a slave might change all the time. One day you might be in a scene where you need to move around a lot in order to please your Master/Mistress and the next day you might be strung up in bondage and told not to move a muscle. Simple examples, sure, but these do demonstrate the different needs and goals in being a …

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One Way To Test Their Training

Your slave wants your attention and they’re willing to do everything they can in order to ensure you’re always looking at them and paying attention to them. And while you often give them attention during training, a slave will begin to realize that you’re always going to give them attention so long as they are acting the way you want them to to while you …

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You Have Got My Mind Racing!

I have been rereading your book over and over, each time I learn something new.


Thanks to you I finally realize how strong of a person I am! 

P.S. just love all the new tricks I have learned

Mistress Sarah

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