Hoods and Their Devious Purpose

If you’re looking for a way that will instantly cause a slave to be under your control, it’s time to look into hoods. While you might think the tools you already have in your dungeon are just what you need to be the best Master or Mistress, you can always do more and you can always do better. With a hood, you can instantly show your slave not only who’s boss, but also you can utilize the hood when the slave needs to be reminded of their place in your relationship.

Asylum Leather Hood with Removable Blindfold and Muzzle

Types of Hoods:

Hoods can be great for any BDSM scene because they remove the sub’s identity. This can allow the submissive to let go of any reservations they may be having in regards to being submissive or slutty. By putting that hood on they are now somebody else and can be free to indulge in their kinky desires. For Dominants, the hood also removes the sub’s identity allowing the Dominant to more easily identify the submissive as an object they can use for their kinky desires.

When you start to shop for a hood, you will find there are a number of different options from which to choose. You might see that there are:

Leather hoods
Latex hoods
Cotton or spandex material hoods

All of these hoods will vary in price and in the features they offer, including coverage and permeability of sound and light. You will want to look at the different hoods that are available, keeping in mind what you want the hood to provide for your slave. In many cases, starting off with the cheapest and least restrictive hood will be the best way to see if a hood works for your BDSM partner. And in time you can move up to more extensive hoods that offer more coverage and more control over the slave.

Hood with Padded Blindfold And Mouth Hole

* Hoods With Eye & Mouth Holes – Perfect for removing the sub’s identity

* Hood With No Holes – Not only does it remove the sub’s identity, but it completely blinds and some can gag the sub. This reinforces the Dominant’s control of the sub and makes deprivation play easier. One easy slip of the hood onto a sub’s head and they won’t be able to see what it is you have planned for them.

* Padded Hood – This hood does everything the no holes hood does, but the padding limits the sound that can be heard. This means the sub won’t be able to see, speak or hear anything that you are doing. The sub will be left swimming inside their own head as they wait to feel your every intension.
How to Add a Hood to Your Playtime:

When you have the hood sitting on the bed of your dungeon, that alone can get the slave to begin to wonder what’s in store for them – especially if they’ve never experienced a hood before. Before you put the hood on, talk with the sub while they are in listening position about why you are using the hood and what purpose it serves in your training together.

You can use the hood as a part of a restrictive bondage scene or you can start to use the hood (with eye holes) as a way to show that your slave is now in ‘slave mode.’ Want everything you do to be a surprise, add a sensory deprivation hood. In fact, you could repeat a previous scene with your sub and it would be a completely different experience for the sub wearing a sensory deprivation hood. There are many ways in which you might find the hood to be helpful in your BDSM scenes, but only you can decide what’s best for your slave.

Complete Sensory Deprivation Hood

Hoods as Punishment or Reward:

The hood is something that quickly makes the slave appear different. They seem to lose their identity as the part of them that is unique – their face – is obscured by the material. This complete transformation can help your slave to feel punished or rewarded, depending on how you use it in a scene. If you want your slave to feel less human, then putting on the hood might be a punishment for them…at first. Actually, over time, the slave might come to see the hood as being something that will allow them to feel more like a slave, which is a reward for their needs too. If you want your slave to feel punished, it might be a good idea to put the hood on and just make them sit in a corner. If you want the slave to feel rewarded, present them with the hood as a sign that they are YOUR slave. Tell them they should wear it proudly.

Hoods can certainly have a devious purpose of cutting off eyesight, hearing, and speaking too, but when you think about the psychological aspects of wearing a hood, you can see how covering up your slave might be a great way to enhance your training.

What to add some hoods to your training? Check out these Fetish Hoods to enhance your training.

Master Bishop


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  1. The nail has been hit on the head… My live in slave shutters at the site of his hood.. He knows the road he’s about to follow.. thanks for the confirmation..

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