Sensory Deprivation

The object of this kind of play is to remove any and all sense from the slave’s consciousness. Here is a basic setup of how you can accomplish this with bondage and other accessories:

Now, while this sounds a little over the top, it really creates a different space for the submissive as they have no idea of their environment and what is happening around them. They can enter subspace all the more easily and will be at the whims of their Master or Mistress without any way to resist.

Of course, the Master/Mistress will need to pay close attention for any signs of distress, but most submissives will calm down completely in this state, lulled into their own little world. It quickly allows the mind to eliminate all excessive outside stimulation that we don’t notice. There is a  continuously and constant bombardment of are senses that for the most part we don’t notice. However, this constant noise has to always be dealt with by our brains, but when all that noise is blocked out the mind can finally relax and be free.

With that said, because the submissive has been so restricted it is always good to have a safety call in place to ensure they can communicate when something is wrong and a scene needs to stop.

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