Becoming A Pet In BDSM

Those that want to explore the dominance and submission roles of BDSM might find that the Master/Mistress and slave roles just don’t appeal to them. Instead, they want to have a sense of giving over power, but in a less authoritarian way. If this sounds like something that might appeal to you, it can help for you to think about how you might be a pet for someone else, or how you might have your slave become a pet for you. This role of being an animal versus a human will encourage the power dynamic to change, but without the need for calling anyone Master or Mistress.

Guidance, Education, Knowledge and The Gift

Recently i was criticized for my efforts to continually seek out knowledge so that i can continue to grow and develop and blossom as a slave to my Master. And more specifically for my on-line slave training and my eagerness to share what i am learning.  To that i say “How Sad” for those who believe they have no more left to learn.

Fortunately i am extremely hungry for knowledge and an article i read on-line gave me valuable insight and inspiration to try and use one of the recommendations to bring a new and hopefully pleasurable experience to Master. The end result was truly overwhelming and added a new depth to O/our passion as well as O/our M/s dynamic. It was so intense and passionate and binding that i was brought to tears.

But, had i chosen to stop learning, had i chosen to not put into practice some advice that was given in an article i read on-line, i may have missed this beautiful experience and gift. How many experiences or gifts are you willing to miss?

Please allow me to share how by being willing to learn and apply that knowledge and to grow in my submission and service to Master i was given an amazing gift of tears one night.

Dominatrix Question: How Do I Get Inside My Boyfriends Head

I’m a 24-year-old girl with a 29-year-old boyfriend. We’ve been in a relationship for 5 years. I’ve always been used to being controlled, but now he wants me in charge. I’m not used to this and need a little advice, if you can help! Obviously I’ve been getting your emails, and they do help.

I enjoy being worshiped and knowing my boyfriend’s happiness in in my hands, but I’m not used to being mean and controlling like he wants me to. How do I find out how to get inside his head and please him by not pleasing him??

Thanks! LB, Pennsylvania

Mistress Brianne’s Response