Slave Resolutions

Whether you’re a new submissive for your Master/Mistress, or you’ve been in your BDSM relationship for a while, everyone can improve. If you’ve been wondering how you can better serve your Master/Mistress, you’re already on the right track. As a slave, you need to always think about how you can do more and how you can be more in your Dominant’s eyes. With these New Year resolutions, you can begin to change the way you act in your position as a slave, and this will boost your slave training. (And make Master much happier about your progress.)

Push Yourself Harder

If you haven’t been pushing yourself harder in your training sessions, why not make this the year that you do? When you push yourself and you allow yourself to experience more pain and you focus more on what you need to do in the scene, you will begin to see that you CAN do more than you think you can. You might be able to handle more spanking, more caning, and more bondage. Try to see how much further you can push yourself and you might realize that you’re stronger than you think you are. You can be an even BETTER slave when you stop making excuses for not being as good as your Master wants you to be.

Speak Up When You’re in Pain

Some slaves are the strong silent types, the ones that never complain. And while they might be a dream for some Dominants, the truth is that they’re miserable. If you’re in pain during a session, you need to speak up. If you continue to not speak up, you may begin to harbor resentment for your Master/Mistress, which is going to impact the rest of your training sessions. When something hurts or something doesn’t feel right during a session, let your Master/Mistress know. They can look into the situation to see if they can help make it better or they can stop what they’re doing to see if they can make some other adjustment. You need to protect your body if you want to be a good slave for your Master/Mistress.

Learn Your Lessons

If you’ve been finding that you just can’t remember certain things, then you need to start practicing your training lessons at home. Each day, spend time working on your positions, your answers to commands, etc. You need to make sure that you’re practicing not only the things that you do well, but also the things that you need to improve. Get in front of a mirror and see what your Master sees when he looks at you. Try to focus on the feedback you have gotten from your Master and focus on how you can be better each time you’re in a training session.

Try Something New

As is the case for many New Year resolutions, slaves might also want to try something new for a change. Whether this means you change something in your contract or you simply ask to try something different in the dungeon, this is a good way to expand your horizons and test your limits. While you don’t want to do anything that you feel is a hard limit, you also don’t want to hide behind too many limits. As you continue to have trust in your Master/Mistress, you can trust them to take you further than you thought you could go.

This is a year in which you can prove to your Master/Mistress that you are the right slave for them. Push harder, speak up, learn your lessons, and try something new. You might just surprise yourself at how great of a slave you can be.

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Master Bishop

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