One Way To Test Their Training

Your slave wants your attention and they’re willing to do everything they can in order to ensure you’re always looking at them and paying attention to them. And while you often give them attention during training, a slave will begin to realize that you’re always going to give them attention so long as they are acting the way you want them to to while you are in front of them. What happens when you’re not looking at them? What happens when you’re not giving them 100% of your attention? They still need to be able to behave, and stay away from games of manipulation. A well-trained slave is one that behaves because it’s their role, not because they’re being tested actively. They are ALWAYS being tested. That’s what your slave needs to learn. That they represent you and your training at all times, even when you are not around.

Deny Your Slave

The first way to ignore your slave to test their training is to deny them the things they have come to expect from you. They might not get an orgasm every time, even if they behave well, for example. This will cause them to go into a bit of an emotional tailspin at first, especially if you throw this into your training session where the usual outcome is for you to pleasure them in some way. You might also want to deny them the things they have requested specifically in training. Without going outside of your contract, take away the things that they enjoy to see how they behave. You might see that your slave will do things on purpose to get you to punish them, for example, and that’s not what you want your slave to do.

Leave Them Alone

The next level of deprivation includes leaving your slave alone for periods of time. What does this look like? In some slave and Master relationships, this looks like putting off their training for a certain period of time. This does not mean you can’t be together or that the relationship is over, all you are doing is halting their slave training for the time being. Assure them that they are still your slave. You might tell them that they are being tested during this time to see if they are still holding onto their slave mentality. Once you decide that they are ready to begin training again, you will be the one to start the training again. This period of rest will allow you to assess their growth as a slave, and it will cause your slave to also focus on the idea that they have things they need to improve in order to win back your attention.

Testing Their Slave Skills

During this time of ignoring your slave’s wishes, you can test them further. One thing you can try is to test their slave commands when they least expect to be tested, i.e. over the phone, in the middle of the day, etc. You might also want to craft a routine for your slave to perform for you, and then they can email you their progress each day. But remind them that you will not respond to their answers. All you will do is watch the responses to make sure they come in. Even if the slave does not follow through with the assignments, this is going to train them to realize they still need to follow through when they have made agreements with you, even though there is no reward in the process.

Your slave needs to have constant training in order to have the best possible outcome for your time together. Sometimes that means causing your slave to be independent, while still remembering you are always the one that is in control of the process. They need to know that you will be in charge, even when there is no reward in it. Because it’s not about the rewards, it’s about learning the slave is utterly under the control of their Master.

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Master Bishop

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