How To Intensify Your Sub’s Training

At some point of your training, you begin to realize that your submissive can be more than they are at that moment. Whether they have already learned everything you have taught them or they simply seem bored with being a submissive, a Dominant’s job is to make sure that training continues. Let’s talk about how you can intensify your training sessions so that your slave is going to realize that you’re not done with them – not at all.

First Things First…

Sit down with your submissive outside of the Dungeon and talk to them. Ask them how they feel in regards to their training. Some things you need to understand and the more you understand the better you will be able to ramp up their training:

  • Are they feeling overwhelmed from training?
  • Are they adjusting well to their training and dealing with the rest of their vanilla life?
  • Are they having a difficult time remembering instructions/training?
  • How has their energy level been?

These questions can give you a good idea of whether your submissive is overdoing things, being pushed too hard and/or is close to burning out.

  • How difficult would you say your training has become?
  • Do you find yourself becoming bored or uninterested in training lately?  Are you becoming bored or uninterested in things in general?
  • Are you wanting more challenges and tasks to be assigned to you in your training?
  • Is there any new skills or activities that you are wanting to learn?
  • Is there anything that you need more from Me as your Dominant?
  • Do you have any concerns regarding your training or of Me (Your Dominant) that you would like to speak openly about?

You can always ask more questions, these are just meant to help you get started

Use Harder Toys

The usual way that Masters will increase their training force is by adding new toys to the dungeon. There are so many devious toys available today that you can simply go to a store online or in your town to find things that whip, scrape, and do all sorts of naughty things. Look for things that cause more intense reactions, even besides pain. For example, a larger than normal gag can be just the thing your slave needs to be quiet, for one, but it will also make her feel all the more helpless, which can cause her to be trained more effectively. Pick out three new toys that you think your slave agrees to and then see just how much better a slave they become after just a few sessions with the new experiences.

The BDSM Toy Shop Learn The Difference

Train More Often

An easy way to begin to increase the intensity of your training sessions is to have more sessions than you normally have. If you can meet every day, then this will certainly allow you to cultivate more slave behaviors. While this also means that you as the trainer are going to have more work to do in terms of planning, you will also have a slave that is learning things faster and responding to your commands more quickly. Consider drawing up an intense training plan for a week or two, and then go back to the training schedule you had before. Sometimes, you just need to train together more in order to help keep training difficult and challenging for the both of you.

Schedule Weekend Sessions

If you can’t train every day, and this just isn’t possible for many BDSM couples, you might want to plan a weekend of uninterrupted training. This will allow you both to work closely with each other, while also getting away from the distractions of the real world. In these weekend trainings, you can have your slave serve you the entire time, testing them the whole time to see just how much they have learned. Since they may not be accustomed to being a slave 24/7, this becomes a great way to see where their flaws might be and what training has to done next in order to make them better. This is also a good time to give them a list of things to accomplish during the weekend. You might be pleasantly surprised by their willingness to serve, and this feeling of being a good slave might just carry forward into your vanilla life with them when you are home.

Don’t Limit Your Training To The Dungeon

The point of sub training is to help a submissive to learn and grow as a submissive and a person. Don’t think all training must come from you. In fact, there are entire institutions and schools already built that can help to ramp up a submissive’s training. It really depends on what you are looking for and what your submissive is interested in learning.

  • If you want help with your business, there a lots of different courses from business admin, business management, Public relations, marketing…etc
  • Want to do more hosting at your home than have your sub taking a fine dining course, wine tasting studies or anything that would help them to make that night perfect.
  • Don’t forget that domestic servitude has plenty of courses as well. There are tons of Culinary classes a submissive can take to enhance their culinary expertise.
  • A nice long massage at the end of a long day is one of the best things to look forward too. While all massages are nice, a massage from a trained submissive is divine. Of course they will never learn the correct technique if they are not taught.

Let your imagination run wild with different training/courses your submissive can take to enhance their service.

Test, Test And Test Some More

If your submissive believes training has become so easy that they are bored than now is the perfect time to test them on that theory. You see to become so bored of training means that your submissive believes they have mastered all their skills to the point of it being second nature. This means they no longer have to think about what to do and all their reactions will be instantaneous. Make sure your submissive understands what it means when they say their training is easy.

Once they understand, setup an extended schedule of testing. You can even make a calendar, or setup a day planner where each test will be displayed. Don’t tell them what the test is on, just that there will be a test and to be prepared for it. If they fail the test or don’t show a second nature reaction, spend your training time drilling those errors and/or include an appropriate punishment. If however, at the end of a one or two week intensive test period they prove they have mastered all the skills you have ever taught them than make sure they receive a substantial and generous reward.

The point is if a submissive believes they have mastered everything you have taught then they need to prove it.

Strained Testing

If a skill has become second nature, than the slave should be able to perform any task or answer any question asked of them instantly. It is very easy passing a test when there are no distractions.  Even if a submissive is able to pass multiple tests this does not mean the learned skill or behavior has become second nature. Having them in a strained position/situation can distract their conscious mind and make it difficult to quickly recall memorized answers.  Whereas instinctual responses will happen whether or not a submissive’s mind is distracted.

The positions don’t even have to be extremely intense or all that strained. You really only need to provide a little force over an extended period of time.  This force will slowly become more and more intense. As it becomes more intense the submissive will need to rely more on their natural instincts then their memory to answer questions or perform tasks.

Popular strained positions can be as easy as having the submissive sitting down on their tippy toes. Another can have the slave standing upright, hands stretched out at their sides level with their shoulders and a book placed in each hand. At first, this doesn’t seem all that bad but after a few minutes their shoulders will begin to ache. That ache can be very distracting.

An alternative to this is having the submissive hold a tray with a glass of water in front of themselves. Again over time the tray will become heavier but better yet they will need to ensure that the water never spills as you continue to test them. Their goal will be to keep the water in the glass, while it will be your goal to get your submissive to spill the water.

Of course, using any of the usual BDSM techniques such as spanking, flogging, caning, clamps…and anything else your devious mind can come up with that will distract your submissive’s conscious can work.  You can use them as stand alone distraction tools while you test your submissive or you can incorporate them while your submissive is holding water/books.

If you’ve noticed that your slave isn’t getting any better or that they’re getting worse at things they used to do perfectly, it’s time to make things harder. Just as with physical exercise, your slave can’t excel if you’re not pushing them to do better. Always make sure that you check in with your submissive after each training session to see if the increase in intensity is working for them.  By communicating about what works and what did not, you can both learn from the experience and change things as needed.


Master Bishop


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  1. Thank you Master Bishop this article is extremely helpful. As a 24/7 slave i find training and testing to be vital to my personal growth and service to my Master.

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