Being a Good Online Submissive

Being a slave is a tough job – and it should be. If you were already good at being a slave, you wouldn’t need a Master/Mistress to help you. As a slave, you have a number of responsibilities on your plate, all of which are important and should be done dutifully and gracefully. If you are an online slave for some or for part of the time, you have different things you need to do in your training. Even though you might not be in the same room as your Master, you need to make sure you are fulfilling all of your duties. Here are some tips to help you make sure you are not only being the best slave possible, but also that you are learning from the online training process.

Read Everything Twice

Since you will probably be getting your training lessons in writing, you will need to practice what you first learned in school – read everything twice. This sounds like a basic piece of advice, and it is, but many slaves still get flustered in the presence (virtual or not) of their Dom/me. As a result, they tend to skim over the words and do what they think they need to do instead of what they actually should be doing. To be a good slave, you will want to read the directions. Stop, then read them again, this time out loud. When you read things out loud, you have to look at each word, which tends to help you catch anything you missed the first time. Once you have read everything twice, then you can proceed with the instructions. True, this might take a little more time, but it’s worth it so that you show your Master that you are taking your training seriously.

Proof Read Your Replies

Many slaves become so excited about doing what their Dom/me wants, they completely forget common spellings and grammatical rules. Your writing is your presentation to your Dom/me. If you present sloppy mistakes, shorthand or uninterpretable sentences, you are showing your Dom/me that you are lazy, and really don’t care about impressing or pleasing Them. If you want to show your Dominant that you are serious about your training and pleasing Them, then you need to take the time to proof read your responses before sending them.

Test Your Equipment

Next, you will want to make sure that all of the equipment you need to use during your session is ready to work before you connect with your Master over IM or webcam. You will want to test both of these services to ensure that everything is functioning and that you are ready to go on time. Make sure to begin preparations as early as possible, so that you have plenty of time to handle problems. While it’s true that you can’t anticipate everything, you want to make sure you’ve accounted for as many problems as possible. Check the batteries in your vibrator, for example, and change them if you think they might be getting low. Also, make sure that everything you need for a scene is on hand, easily accessed, clean, and ready to go.

Have a Backup Plan

Of course, since things do happen, you will want to have a backup plan in place. If your power should go out, for example, you will want to have a way to IM your Master/Mistress to let them know of the situation. This will allow your Master/Mistress to determine what to do at that point. There are some video cam options available on some cell phones, but this may not work as well as your traditional setup. Since power outages should be rare, you may never have to deal with this situation. But Internet outages can occur, so you need to be ready with a backup plan – dialup, coffee shop (if you’re not doing anything risqué), etc. In fact, it might be a good idea to devise a set of rules to follow in case of trouble, so that you and your Dom/me understand what happens when Murphy’s Law takes over – and it will. It always does when you least expect it. Go here to learn more about the guidelines of being a submissive


Master Bishop

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