Budget Conscious Dungeon Building

Just because the economy is sinking doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream of having a dungeon in your house. BDSM shouldn’t have to suffer just because money might be tight, after all. And the good news is that there are many ways for you to either start or add to your personal BDSM lair when you’re under budget constraints. All you need is a little cash, a little imagination, and a little time. Before long, your dungeon will be whipped into shape and a Master/Mistress and slave will forget all about what’s happening in the outside world.

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Gearing Up Without A Lot Of Green

When it comes to BDSM, you know there is a lot of possible gear for you to buy. But in reality, a lot of this is more than you need and certainly more than you need to pay. Starting with paddles, floggers, and other similar items, you can also use everyday kitchen tools like wooden spoons and spatulas to get the job done. Or if you’re worried about splinters, you might want to think about plastics as well. You can also find simple bamboo pieces for caning sessions at your local craft stores – or wooden dowels that work nicely too. Gags don’t have to be anything too special either. Some vet tape works well and is cheap to buy, but handkerchiefs, old ties, and ripped up t-shirts will fit the bill too.

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Rope is actually one of the cheapest items to find, a beautiful cotton rope can be located at any craft store as well as hardware store. Make sure you buy some safety scissors (blunt tipped) to be able to cut the rope off if anything does go wrong.

To learn how to use rope to create a variety of intense bondage fun go to ===> Rope Bondage Techniques

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Furnishing A Dungeon For Less

Of course, you might have in your mind a lot of chairs, tables, and other fun dungeon pieces, but they can be quite pricey when you buy the pieces from a BDSM supplier. Instead head to garage sales to look for a weight bench – a perfect all purpose place to tie down a slave. You might also want to look for a massage table – also quite comfortable with plenty of ways to adjust it to your specific needs. A nice sturdy chair is something you probably already have around your house. If you want a spanking bench, a footstool works well, but an ottoman is best. In terms of adding hooks and other support items to your basement or other room, these are quite easy to install on your own, though you will want to make sure you don’t support someone’s weight fully on these hooks as you don’t want to risk the safety of a slave.

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What Can You Buy Secondhand?

It’s quite tempting to head to online auction sites and other Internet listings to find secondhand dungeon equipment, but you need to make sure these items are safe for you to use. First of all, make sure it can be cleaned. If the item’s materials are porous at all – like softer plastics – you won’t be able to thoroughly clean them and sanitize them. If you want to buy furniture secondhand, just make sure it can be cleaned or that you have the money to cover it with a clean piece of fabric. Things like dildos and butt plugs should never be purchased secondhand – too many germs can reside on these pieces even after they’ve been cleaned. Gags are tricky as you can sanitize some of them, but if you’re looking at leather ones, that’s a bit harder to safely clean.

In the end, BDSM can be filled with cheap thrills, if you know where to look. Building your BDSM dungeon takes a little craftiness, but not a lot of money.

WARNING: Of course there are always risks with DIY, which is why BDSM gear is designed to eliminate many of those risk factors for you. For more BDSM toys to spice up your scenes or just to add some much needed variety check out ===> The BDSM Training Mall

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By Master Bishop

The founder of the BDSM Training Academy. Master Bishop has been involved in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle for over 20 years. With a love for education both learning and teaching, Master Bishop has passed on his knowledge and experience to others entering into the BDSM lifestyle for over 15 years.

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5 thoughts on “Budget Conscious Dungeon Building”

  1. I have so enjoyed your articles and am trying to find a way to introduce my wife to them.Have made no secret of the fact i would like her to dominate me and make me her slave so that when we play it can be more exciting.Have bought her some really nice leather (some for play) and love to buy her boots(has maybe15pairs) problem is she rarely wears them eventhough she knows its a big turn on for me.
    I have visited a domme locally just for the experience but know i would enjoy it so much more with my wife,Your articles are very helpful and i think if i can get her to read them she will get some ideas from them.Keep them coming they are much appreciated.

  2. Diane Pickering

    Can stainless steel stuff such as utensils to flip pancakes for example be used for spanking? I got a heavy duty Paderno one on sale for $5.99 at one of their outlet sales.

    They should be safe to clean as they are non porous!

  3. Lord Of Dark Passion

    I already do BDSM on a budget and learn how to make My own stuff and more. These are good tips to learn.

  4. you cannot beleive how exciting my dungeon is; simple built by my slaves,
    they utilize their skills and talents and offer me a beautiul and up to date dungeon.
    your tips are helpful

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