The Joys Of Anal

Anal is the act of playing, stimulating or training the outer and/or inner anus. What many people don’t realize is, the anus has millions of nerve
endings that produce pleasurable feelings when properly and safely
stimulated. Which is why this is a fetish and sexual act that is enjoyed by many people within the BDSM community including but not limited too:

Many people from all walks of life have and do enjoy the vast pleasures of anal.
Since anal is such a ‘taboo’ topic and activity, introducing anal training into your BDSM life can be a truly bonding experience, strengthening the emotional as well as sexual closeness between you and your partner.

Please Help Others Learn About The Joys Of Anal Pleasure


An entire book could be written about the myths surrounding anal sex. But if you are still having troubles with the idea of stepping into anal training, let’s get those out of the way.


There are still laws on the books about sodomy in some areas of the world, but that actually doesn’t mean that it’s immoral. It just means that some people deemed it immoral, so they went ahead and created a law to forbid it.

And mainly, this has been a reaction to the idea of homosexuality and the ‘deviance’ that this causes in society.

But the choices that people make for their pleasure and for their love lives are not something that anyone can label as ‘wrong’ or ‘right.’ As long as everybody involved in your play is abiding by safe, sane and consensual BDSM practices if it works for you than why should you not be able to enjoy it?


In truth, every part of your body is something to be celebrated and explored.

Natural? Is that for any of us to say?

Having not designed the human form lately, I’m not sure that anyone can say what is natural and what is not. Since anal sex does provide pleasure, it stands to reason that you were meant to use anal sex for sexual purposes.

Just like the clitoris, why else would this be an area have so many nerve endings that create such intense of sexual gratification.

The more you take the time to explore how your body works with your partner, the more you can discover about yourself. Could you not say exploration of ourselves is in every way without question natural. Therefore sexual exploration is natural. But must be done with consent, knowledge, respect and communication.

It’s a matter of trusting each other to be respectful of each other’s boundaries and limitations; keeping the communication open, and mutually consenting to try something new. Sounds like the natural healthy progression of a relationship to me.


For those on the receiving end of anal intercourse, this tends to be the biggest concern. You might be afraid that it’s something that will be painful for you to experience or you’ve had experiences in the past that have indeed been painful.

While it’s true that the anus can be tighter than the vaginal opening, with practice and some basic tips, you can make anal play an explosively pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

You just have to be a bit more careful and patient when you’re first getting started.

Setting the mood, proper preparation relaxation and stimulation are necessary. Having the receiver’s anus relaxed and wanting will help to make the experience far from painful for both parties.

In fact, many people can orgasm from anal stimulation alone – men and women.


Can anal sex be dirty? Absolutely. When you’re talking about the opening on the body that is involved in defecation, yes, you have the chance of things getting a little messy. But this doesn’t mean that it HAS to be dirty, just that you need to be aware of how to properly prepare yourself for the experience.

Cleaning the area, bathing, enemas, and avoiding anal sex when you’re sick are all be ways to lessen any ‘dirtiness’ that might happen during the actual act.

In truth, there is far less bacteria in your anal area than you might think.

And since you’re (I assume) someone that showers regularly, changes their underwear and cleans their bum properly after a bowel movement, it’s much less of a problem than you might think.

True, you do need to be a bit more aware and take some extra precautions to help avoid STIs and keep you and your partner safe and clean. For the most part condoms make this transition much less awkward and far cleaner and safer.

Overall, anal sex is really not as dirty as others have led you to believe.


To further bastardize anal sex, those that have handed down criticism and condemned anal sex have created a link between ‘wrong’ and anal sex, but it’s simply not accurate.

As stated previous, all different people from all different walks of life enjoy anal. Having anal sex, does not mean you are going to turn into some weird sexual deviate or other such ignorant term for people who enjoy a little anal adventure.

Anal intercourse is simply another way to enjoy sex, expand your BDSM Training and intensify the love you share with your partner. You are increasing the fulfillment and satisfaction for both of you in relation to sex and intimacy. There is nothing abnormal or freaky about that.

Anal Anatomy

Getting ready for anal requires a little understanding about the anal area and how it works.

The anal opening consists of the external sphincter that is closest to the outer opening of the anus. This is the area that you can contract and relax during a bowel movement or simply whenever you decide to do so. If you tighten your asshole right now, that is the muscle your are feeling tightening.

There is also an internal sphincter that relaxes and contracts on its own, not controlled by you. This is a bit further inside the anus.

What you will want to do is start recognizing when your sphincter muscles contract and relax so that you can learn to have more conscious control them.

There is also the anus itself that leads to the anal canal where the bulk of the sensitive muscles reside. This canal is only about two inches in length, but it extends into the rectum which is five inches.

The rectum actually extends and curves toward the belly button making it the part where many people begin to have troubles with pain. By learning how to take your time to extend into this canal, you can avoid uncomfortable pressure and pain.

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