Should You Try to Be A Submissive Sometimes?

Mistresses have to do a lot to control their slaves. Not only do they have to plan out lessons and training sessions, but they also have to maintain razor sharp focus as the scene progresses. As a result, some Mistresses can begin to feel burnt out and they can begin to feel exhausted by their slaves. Some Mistresses decide that in order to keep their edge, they might try out being a submissive once in a while. Not only does this take the pressure off of them, but it also allows them to see what their slave might do were they to be in the power position. Plus, seeing a slave take over allows a Mistress the chance to see the relationship through the slave’s eyes – which might inspire some increasingly deviant practices.

Giving Over Power to Gain Trust

Now, there are some Mistresses who will never give up their command of the slave. They believe that they are the only ones doing any controlling in the scene. However, some other Dominant women feel that giving control over to their slaves once in a while shows that they do trust their slave and the decisions they might make. This allows the relationship to deepen and the slave is given the ultimate reward – the ability to please their Mistress. However, this submission is not to be considered more than a one or two time event for this is not true submission, just a training session in which the slave proves to the Mistress that they will and can do anything their Dominant asks them to do – no matter how unnatural it might seem to their senses.

Pleasing the Mistress by Controlling Her

Controlling anyone is hard work and this will be a lesson the slave will learn if control is handed to them. Some slaves believe a Mistress just barks out orders and commands, but doesn’t really do anything all that difficult – not the case. The slave who is put into the role will learn how much planning is put into each session, which will give them an even greater appreciation for their Mistress’ hard work. The slave will then try harder in sessions and not be as whiny when they think they are being pushed too hard.

In the Dominant role, the slave can also be given full reign to please the Mistress as she being controlled. And sometimes, it’s just better to give over control to someone else and, for once, just have a session in which the Mistress is pleased.

The Case Against Submission

But many Mistresses are true sadists and not masochists. They do not want any part of the submissive role. They just want to do naughty things to their slaves – nothing more or less. These Dominants believe that in submitting to their slave, their slave will not be able to see them as a strong woman anymore, that their power will become diminished in some way. This does happen in some cases, truthfully. But when this does happen, when a slave does begin to see their Mistress as weak, this is often a sign that the slave was never truly interested in being submissive. They were only trying it out and never fully gave over their will to their Mistress.

A Mistress who tries submission once or allows their slave to dominate them on occasion is not a Mistress who is any less powerful. The more knowledge a Mistress has, the more she can use this knowledge to control her slave – and that’s what matters in the end.


Getting in touch with your Mistress side takes a little practice, and a lot of knowledge. For more information on how to unleash your inner Dominatrix go to:

How To Be A Mistress


Mistress Brianne

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