Handling Body Issues While Being A Submissive

No matter how much your Master seems to care for you, it can be difficult to get over your body issues. So many women have to deal with this problem in their lives, but when you’re trying to impress your Master, it can become even more magnified. You might be afraid that any small flaw in your body will upset your Master and make him not want to take you on as a slave anymore. In order to be the best slave you can be for your Master, you need to look at your body as something that your Master wants you to appreciate as much as they appreciate it. Here are some ways you can deal with your body issues.

Your Body is Your Master’s

Right now, you need to remember that your body is your Master’s body. If you are spending time criticizing your body, you are criticizing your Master’s tastes in women and his ability to choose a slave. This is not the sort of mindset which will support you as a slave. You need to think about all of the things your Master has told you about your body and those are the thoughts you want to keep in your head. You need to keep in mind that if your Master wanted you to change your body, he would tell you to change your body. But since he does not, then your opinions about your body should not be the ones you need to repeat to yourself. Erase any and all ideas you have about your body from your mind and begin to focus instead on what your Master believes.

Remembering What Your Master Thinks

To make sure that you are focusing on the thoughts of your Master in regards to your body, it can help to keep a list of the things your Master has said about your body in your slave journal. This way, you can refer back to these notes when you begin to question your body, how it looks, how it smells, etc. Take some time to think about the way that your Master has touched your body, caressed your body, and owned your body. These thoughts too should go into your journal so that you can recall them and tattoo them into your brain.

Choosing to Care for Your Body

With all of this said, this does not mean that you shouldn’t take care of your body because your Master hasn’t said to change. You will still want to nurture your body with good food, with exercise, with rest, and with a healthy lifestyle. When you take the time to care for your body, you are showing your Master just how much you care about their possession and about keeping it ready for him. Be aware of your body’s health and make sure that you are treating your body as your Master would treat your body. It’s always a good idea to eat balanced meals to keep your energy up and your weight at a normal level. Getting regular exercise will help you to keep your muscles toned and your energy level up. Sleep will allow you to stay healthy and ready for anything your Master desires.

In time, your body issues will dissolve as your Master continues to train you and to focus on your growth as a slave. A Master who cares for his slave will keep them on – and if he had an issue with your body he would tell you. Until you hear otherwise, believe in your body the way your Master already does.


Master Bishop


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