The Essentials of Boot Worship Scenes

Boot worship is on many Dominants minds during their BDSM scenes. After all, there’s nothing more submissive than having a slave at your feet, licking your leather for as long as you tell them to do. But if you’re still a beginner to boot worship, it can help to understand how to construct a great boot worship scene for you and for your slave. Thankfully, these are simple scenes to construct, though it doesn’t make them any less powerful for the Dom/me or for their slave.

It Is About the Boots, After All

First things first, it is all about the boots, you know. Dominants should have several different kinds of boots available for these sorts of scenes, though high heeled shoes will work in a pinch as well. The boots can be made of leather or of synthetic leather-like materials, depending on the preference of the Dom/me and of the slave. One thing to consider, if a slave is going to be licking the boots, a synthetic or plastic boot might be a better choice as you don’t necessarily want the slave staining a leather boot with anything that might have been in their mouths. But some Dominants and their slaves don’t care at all about this – and it can even be more humiliating to the slave to have the Dom/me point out just how dirty and awful they are.

Kissing and Licking Like a Pro

Boot worship scenes can be created in a number of ways. The most common and most recognized boot worship scene is one in which the slave simply kisses and licks the boots of the Dom/me. This can be done in any way that the Dom/me enjoys, with the slave slowly moving up the leg of the Dom/me if the Dom/me is enjoying their slave’s worship. The slave might also lick the bottoms of the boots and clean up the entire surface of the boots with their tongue, if asked. Depending on the design of the boots, this can be a tricky task. For example, boots with grommets or with other accessories can be harder to lick as a result, which can serve as a great test for a slave’s willingness to serve.

Polishing Up and Worshiping the Leather

Of course, the boots themselves can be worshiped in the presence of the Dom/me without the use of a tongue. Having a slave polish the boots in the way the Dom/me likes can help to make the boots gleam before or after a hot session in the dungeon. After all, a Dom/me should look good when they’re coming down hard on a slave, shouldn’t they? Have the slave clean the boots, then polish them until they shine. Or the slave can be told to polish all of the boots in a Dom/me’s collection before the slave can reap any rewards from the Dominant.

For many slaves, a foot fetish goes hand in hand (or is it foot in foot?) with a boot fetish. Thus, just the smell of leather on the Dom/me is enough to get them turned on. But a good Dom/me wants to use this arousal to their advantage. Make sure the slave has done all of the things they need to do before they can even touch the boots or get attention from the Dom/me in other ways. And if the Dom/me is feeling a bit like a sadist, the heels or sole on boots can be excellent tools of pain on the skin with some slight added pressure. Or some Mistresses can also practice cock and ball/pussy torture with high heels. Dominant Males can use the sole of the boot in a similar manner on pussy/cock and ball torture. Of course all this torture in the nether regions is done gently. Don’t want the slave to be permanently damaged, do you? For more ways to experience the excitement of control your slave visit BDSM Slave Training.


Master Bishop

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