What To Do When You Lose Desire for Your Master

You know the stories about marriages that go bad, the spark is lost, the passion has simmered, etc. But that doesn’t happen in BDSM relationships, does it? In any relationship, there are times when your desire waxes and wanes. However, if you’re beginning to feel that your desire for your Master is absent more than it is present, it’s time to start reconsidering your relationship and whether you need to do more as a slave – or if you need to find a new fit for your submissive needs.

It happens to a lot of slaves, so don’t feel you’re the only one. Realizing that you need to change things is something that needs to be addressed immediately if you want to give yourself and your Master the relationship you deserve.

Is It Just About You?

Sometimes, you might just get bored with the relationship you have – and there may be no reason for it. You might just feel like things are getting to be too routine, like you’re just not ‘into’ him anymore. And your Master isn’t doing anything differently, so it’s time to look at yourself. Are you not doing certain things that you’re supposed to do? Are you forgetting why you chose to be with your Master in the first place? While it is always easier to look at how someone else is doing something wrong, remember there are two people in this relationship. Therefore it takes two people to cause the connection to die.

Communication is essential. Talk to your Master about your feelings. This way you make sure he knows what you are facing and that you are trying to work harder to make him happy. Ask him about how he is feeling, if there is any stress in his life that might be causing him to withdraw. Ask him if there is anything you can do to make life easier for him. If a Dominant sees you putting more effort in, he will want to put more effort in as well.

In your training, you might start again from the beginning to see if you are able to get back into that slave mindset. Write out a list of why you want to be submissive and why you want to be submissive to your Master. Read this list every day to remind yourself, why you are in this relationship and why you chose to serve your Master.

Is It About Him?

If you’ve truly been trying to get the spark back into your BDSM and you’ve done everything you can to make sure that you’re the best slave possible, then you will need to look at your Master. Are they as interested in you? Have they added other slaves that might be taking up their time? Try to find an issue which might be contributing to your Master’s lack of interest or their lack of desire. If you can find something, talk with them about it to see if perhaps they are facing something personal which might be affecting your relationship. If the Master is not, you might want to ask the scary and difficult question of whether they are bored with the relationship. If they say they are, you might both want to work on making things exciting again – or it might be time to part ways.

Don’t forget to communicate how you feel. You don’t have to tell him you are not attracted to him anymore, but tell him how you feel, how you need more and the type of things you feel you need. Just because you are submissive does not mean you can’t voice your feelings. In fact it is essential that you do.

Learned Everything You Can

It is natural when you are learning from someone else that you might begin to move away from them when you’ve learned all that you can. In a love relationship, when you have had all of the experiences you need to have with that person, many people begin to lose desire. What do most people do? End the relationship and find someone else, because they feel they will be happy then.

Please keep in mind happiness does not come from an external source. Happiness does not come from a relationship, it comes from you and how you perceive life. You can choose to be happy now! You can be happy in your relationship now and decide to work on creating the type of relationship you want with your Master.

If you just look at relationships as a way to make you happy and a way for you to get what you want, then you will continue to jump from Master to Master. Always looking for a new relationship to make you happy and give you what you want. In the end you always be searching for happiness but never find it, because happiness doesn’t come from a Master, it comes from you. Sure you will be happy for a couple of months until the relationship gets old and then you will need to find a new one. Before you decide to end a relationship with your Dominant, ask yourself, are you unhappy with your Master or are you just unhappy and hoping a new relationship or new Master will make you happy again?

No matter what, ending a relationship, especially one as intense as a BDSM relationship will be painful. But if you find that the both of you are just not a good fit and not compatible then it can be the best decision for the both of you. And if you’ve tried your hardest to make things work, you have nothing to feel badly about in the end.


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Master Bishop

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