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No Hitting! 10 Painful, Impact-free Ways to Please a Masochist

Spanking, paddling, whipping, caning, mmm YUMMY. Words like these are music to a masochist’s ears. Well, some masochists, anyway. Believe it or not, there are those who don’t like to be hit. They may have experienced prior trauma related to hitting. Others simply don’t enjoy the sensation. In cases like these, doms must get creative.

Whether your sub dislikes impact or you’re simply seeking additional pain-play ideas for your toolkit, this article is for you. Negotiate with your partner and see what sparks their interest.

(Note: Always test new tools, toys, and substances on yourself before using them on your partner so you know what feelings and sensations you’re creating. Also, if you use any of these ideas for evil rather than fun kinky benevolence, I will come HAUNT YOU IN YOUR SLEEP FOREVER. Don’t do it.)

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1) Hot Sauce

It’s not just for devoted taco lovers. Naughty subs can benefit from a scorching tongue as well. This might be an appropriate punishment for a partner who has used foul or disrespectful language against you. Can’t be tolerating that sort of bratiness at all, can we?

Safety tips for this activity:

Dripping hot sauce on your sub’s tongue is NOT a good idea if they suffer from digestive problems like ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome. Check in and make sure this isn’t the case during negotiation.
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2) Figging

Figging involves carving a piece of raw ginger into the shape of a butt plug or dildo and inserting it into the anus or vagina to create a burning sensation. It comes on slowly, usually peaking within 5 minutes, and can take around 30 minutes to taper off. This activity can combine well with spanking and certain types of impact play, as clenching one’s orifices around the ginger intensifies the pain.

Safety tips for this activity:

Everyone reacts differently to being figged. For some, the sensation is a bit tingly. For others, the burn is intolerable. Proceed with caution and curiosity, and don’t be afraid to bail if it’s too much.
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3) Clothespins

These can be used as a fun form of torture on many different body parts, from labia to tongues to nipples and more. While wearing them is painful, the moment of removal tends to be the most intense. Alternatively, you can also use clamps.

Safety tips for this activity:

If your partner is feeling particularly adventurous, you might even create a zipper, which is a string of clothespins or clips held loosely together by a cord or chain. Pull it and ZIP!, off they all come at once. Ouch!

Learn more about the zipper string method

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4) Wartenberg pinwheels

Once upon a time, a guy named Robert Wartenberg invented a stainless steel tool designed to test nerve reactions when rolled across the skin. Modern versions made for BDSM usually consist of a handle attached to a spinning wheel of sharp, radiating points. Wartenberg pinwheels are extremely versatile. Used with less pressure, the sensation is akin to a light tickle. When pressed into the skin, especially over sensitive areas like inner thighs and genitalia, this toy can be quite painful. It makes a cool pokey pattern too!

Safety tips for this activity:

Want to kick it up a notch? Attach your pinwheel to a violet wand for electrical joy.

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5) Electroplay

Speaking of violet wands, they are just one of several options for BDSMers who dig electricity. Electroplay with neon and violet wands involves shocking the skin at different levels of intensity, ranging from faintly buzzy to super painful. Another popular toy is the TENS unit, which uses the electricity within our bodies to cause involuntary muscle contractions. (Great for play centering around orgasms, too!) Some electro-toys are designed for external use, while others can be used internally.

Safety tips for this activity:

Never use electrical toys on people with pacemakers or other medical implants. (See note above regarding copper IUDs.) Also, don’t use these toys on anyone who has a heart condition or may be pregnant.

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6) Wax play

Not only is hot candle wax delightfully painful. It’s also great for making pretty designs! Cover your sub with colors and turn them into art.

Safety tips for this activity:

Wax can be a serious pain in the ass to clean up. I recommend laying out a tarp or some newspaper for your sub to lie on. Alternatively, you might slice open a few plastic garbage bags at the edges and lay them out instead.
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7) Stress positions

Stress positions put acute pressure on isolated muscle groups and are painful to hold for sustained periods. You might order your sub into chair pose, the secret bane of yogis everywhere. You might also have them stand on their tippy toes in the corner with their hands on their head. Within a few minutes, they’re likely to be begging for mercy.

Safety tips for this activity:

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8) Uncooked rice

The feeling of dozens of tiny rice grains digging into your skin can be agonizing. You might sprinkle a handful onto a wooden chair and sit your sub there on their bare butt after a spanking. You might also spread a thin layer across a hard surface and order them to kneel. The possibilities are endless!

There aren’t any big safety issues to bring up here. However, as is the case with hot wax, play involving rice is messy. Make sure you’ve got a vacuum on hand.

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9) Ice ice, baby

The sting of ice cubes can add an element of sensuality and surprise to any sultry BDSM scene. Most people choose to rub them over the surface of the skin. You might also consider buying an ice mold that makes spheres rather than cubes. With a smooth, round surface, they can be slipped inside the body and left there to torture your sub as they melt. Brrrrr, so cold!

Again, there aren’t any common safety issues here, as ice melts quickly once it comes into contact with skin. However, you should be aware of a condition called cold urticaria, which affects less than 1% of the population and occurs in twice as many women as men. Urticaria causes itchy hives to break out across the surface of the skin. On the off-chance that this happens during play, put the ice away and monitor the reaction. It should disappear within half an hour or so. In cases of severe, systemic reactions, people can actually go into anaphylactic shock from exposure to cold or freezing temperatures, but this is rare and unlikely to happen.

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10) Needle play

Play involving needles can be especially exciting for masochists. Done well by a qualified dom, it’s an intense, smooth type of pain that can’t be achieved through other activities. Needles can be inserted all over the body to create cool patterns or provide sensation.

It takes proper in-person training to learn to use needles safely. I won’t get into any of that here, as no explanation I could come up with would be up to par. If needle play is an interest you’d like to pursue, you might check and see whether any classes are available within your local BDSM community, or try to land an apprenticeship with a body-piercing professional.

So, what say you? Feeling inspired? Great! Have fun out there, be safe, don’t forget the aftercare.

By Molly Lazarus

Molly Lazarus is a sex blogger, kink educator, and erotic fiction author. Her website, Kink Out Loud, serves as a resource for readers who are curious about BDSM or new to the practice. Offline, Molly acts as Volunteer Coordinator for the Bay Area chapter of Kinky Salon. You can follow her on Facebook and Pinterest, or browse her fiction on Amazon.

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