Adding A Hook To Your Training

When you have all of the regular sex toys in your bedroom, you might itch to try something new, something that makes your slave squirm and that makes your heart beat faster as soon as you pull it out. The anal hook is one of the sex toys that’s not only coveted by slaves, but also by Masters and Mistresses who want to show their slave how cold steel can train them to be still as well as to feel the most intense pleasure of their lives.

What Can An Anal Hook Do

The anal hook is a metal object that is curved so that it can be placed inside the anal canal. Since it is unforgiving, the sensations are very intense and a slave will have to be as still as possible in order to prevent any injuries. The hook can be used on its own or it can be used as a part of a complicated bondage method. For many slaves, the anal hook is a final test of sorts, helping to show their Masters or Mistresses that they can perform exactly as they are told, and that they can handle a sex toy that does not bend or give them any slack.

Anal Hooks
Novice Anal Hook
Novice Anal Hook
Advanced Anal Hook
Advanced Anal Hook

How to Use an Anal Hook

To make sure that you’re using an anal hook properly, it’s a good idea to find a reliable maker of the hooks. They should be made out of solid metals that are smooth at all sides and one of the ends should be used to either attach rope or to be held in place with a hand. You can then tie the rope to an anchored point in the ceiling, wall or even tie it off on one of the slaves body parts. From there you can continue with your spanking, flogging or other devious ideas, while the slave will remain secured and still in their place.

Always use lubricant with any form of anal play. Silicone based lube tends to work better for anal play, as it is the slipperiest, and longest lasting lubrication. It actually creates a smooth surface between the anal canal and the penetrating surface, so this helps to prevent any irritation against the sensitive anal canal. It never dries out, does not irritate the skin, and is not absorbed by the body making it hypo-allergenic. Its latex friendly, so it can be used with condoms and its waterproof, which means you can take your anal hook into the shower/bath and have just as much fun there. Silicone lube will make the anal hook easier to put in and to take out of the slave once the session is over. Silicone lube for anal hooks.

Safety Concerns and Anal Hooks

Since the anal hook is made from metal, you might be concerned about how it is used in a scene. You don’t want to injure yourself or a partner. First, look at the way the anal hook is designed. You might want to use this hook in a moderate scene to see how it fits into your slave’s body and ask the slave to talk about what it feels like in different positions. This will show you how the slave’s body suits the hook and whether you need to take special precautions when you’re in a more intense scene. It’s also always a good idea to read any labels or instructions before adding the anal hook to the slave.

Make sure to use the anal hook when the slave is on their stomach or side, not when they’re on their back or sitting up. You want to make sure the hook isn’t going to be forced any further into the body than is necessary. You will also want to watch the hook, as it is being used in the slave to make sure it’s not moving around dangerously or that the slave isn’t being hurt. Having a clear sign as to when things might be going wrong will make ass hook play safer.

The ass hook takes some time to learn the finer points of using it in a scene, but once you do, you’ll find there’s nothing better for teaching a slave just how their body needs to move for their Dominant. For Quality Anal Hooks check out ===> Anal Hooks

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  1. Thank you, on the Dos & Dont for 1st time play, along with the importance od safety word and call. I have someone intetested in me as a sub amd Im a newbie. Thank you

  2. As a dom don’t do anything to a sub unless you have experienced it yourself or if they have already experienced it themselves and they can walk you through it themselves.

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