Sensory Stimulation (vs. deprivation)

One of the basic BDSM scenes that you can do is to keep a slave from knowing what is happening. This allows the sensations to be more concentrated and it can cause the slave to be more in tune with the practices they are trying to learn. However, sensory stimulation is another good practice that allows and encourages a slave to focus on their actions without being able to tune out of the lesson. When all of their senses are engaged, can they still focus on the instructions given to them? This is what a Master or Mistress will attempt to find out.

More Noise

The scene should begin with loud music, almost deafening loud music that allows the slave the opportunity to focus on what they need to hear. They will need to find a way to tune out the music and listen to their Master or Mistress. The louder the music becomes, the more they are going to falter in their instructions until they realize just how important it is for them to focus on the voice that trains them. Noises can also include things like paddles and other instruments of pleasure and pain, allowing them to create a world that is loud and a world that is focused only on the voice that tells them what to do.

More Sensations

The more sensations that a scene can include, the better for the training of a slave. The slave should be subjected to pain and to pleasure, as this causes them to begin to blur the lines between them. The slave will begin to see that they can suffer and enjoy the suffering, even if and when they think they can’t take any more. The slave should have long periods of pain, punctuated by smaller moments of pleasure that make the pain more bearable and more effective. The body should also be looked at as a series of places where these sensations can be delivered, allowing the Master or Mistress many opportunities to begin to see what their slave can handle and what they will do when they are challenged. The slave might also be asked to stay in positions without the help and support of bondage, allowing them to be completely a part of the scene without being able to relax into a certain binding.

More Interaction

The Master or Mistress might also want to include more instructions for the slave in this sort of scene. The slave should be asked questions, told to repeat things, etc. You might want to have the slave memorize a certain poem that is long and detailed, helping them have a focus point during all of the sensations and the noise. They should try to repeat this memorized passage at different points, allowing them to connect to another experience in the midst of so many others. The more that the slave is brought into the experience and told to interact, the more their brain will have to focus in order to please their Master or Mistress.

The more sensations that are brought into a scene, the more challenging the scene will become for both Master and Mistress. This allows for training for both people and that will allow for more results in a shorter period of time. Note that this sort of training is not something that should necessarily be done at the first stages of a relationship since it can be overwhelming for the slave. Instead, this should be a scene that is worked up to and used as a final test to move into even more intense training schedules.

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Master Bishop

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