Seduction Of Abduction Play In BDSM

The Seduction of Abduction Play

The bag is pulled roughly over my head as strong arms lift me unceremoniously from the ground. I’m manhandled into the back of a vehicle, pushed to the floor, and held down as my wrists and ankles are tightly bound.

I let out a panicked scream and a large hand clamps my mouth shut. Through the rough material, I can hear a muffled male voice telling me to keep still and be quiet. I’m scared, I can’t see anything and my heart is racing. The engine starts up and we drive off into the black of night. I’m not sure where I’m being taken or what’s going to happen to me. I am helpless and at the mercy of my abductor.

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What is Abduction Play?​

Not everyone likes the idea of being captured, tied up, and helpless, but for some the consensual fantasy of abduction causes an undeniable ripple of excitement. Abduction play involves BDSM players engaging in the staged capture and imprisonment of a partner, or a group of people.

Abduction play often involves bondage and sensory deprivation and can also incorporate elements of punishment, interrogation, sexual violation (including rape), intimidation, humiliation, and slavery. Those involved often choose to dress up to reinforce the scene. Captors might opt for police or military uniforms, or dress all in black, topping off the look with leather gloves and threatening masks.

Exploring Consensual Non-Consent

Abduction play falls under the category of CNC (consensual non-consent). This form of edge-play attracts controversy as some believe it doesn’t sit well with the SSC (safe, sane, consensual) BDSM mantra. However, if done correctly, CNC is not only safe but also a great deal of fun.

What Exactly is Consensual Non-Consent (CNC)?

CNC is a form of extreme power play. Two or more people consensually engage in sexual roleplay involving forced domination such as kidnap, rough sex, and rape. Examples of CNC acts include restraining, blindfolding, sexually touching, teasing, slapping, spanking, name-calling, hair-pulling, and rape.

The “non-consensual” part relates to the way the dominant and submissive interact during the CNC scenario. The Dom takes on a predatory role, using power and force to overcome the sub. The sub acts as the “victim” and might struggle, say “no”, scream, fight or even beg. Whilst the play seems brutal it’s all part and parcel of the consensually agreed CNC scene.

Who Engages in CNC?

It’s a common misconception that CNC offers a platform for predators to belittle and hurt victims, but real CNC is merely an intense exchange of power between consenting parties. One party wants to enjoy the exhilaration of absolute control, the other wants to experience the pleasure of giving up that control completely.

Those who engage in CNC tend to have a strong, intimate bond, and play is best enjoyed by those who respect and implicitly trust one another. When explored in the correct way CNC provides excitement and a real adrenaline rush, it can strengthen and add a new dimension to a D/s relationship.

Is CNC Safe?

CNC is just like any other form of BDSM play - it requires trust and excellent communication. The standard rules apply too, you need to negotiate the scene upfront, identify limits and boundaries and agree on safe words.

Negotiation must be thorough and consent clearly obtained upfront, as CNC scenes are often boisterous and intense.

Due to the nature of the play, there are a few things to keep in mind on the safety front, such as, if the “victim” is gagged, how will they utter their safe word? You can negotiate a non-verbal safe signal such as two stamps of the foot, but if their ankles are bound how will that be accomplished? Make sure you consider risks and potential barriers before engaging in the scene.

It's also wise to take safety precautions and keep equipment on hand. If you’re tying with rope, make sure you have safety shears at the ready, and if you’re using metal handcuffs ensure the key is safely stowed. A first-aid kit should be available too, along with water and a blanket. The welfare of those involved in the scene should be of the utmost importance at all times.

Does CNC Carry an Extra Element of Risk?

All kink play carries a degree of risk, but it’s fair to say CNC falls under the more extreme spectrum of play. Depending on the agreed boundaries the scene might involve a level of violence to add authenticity, and clothing might be torn or ripped off. Other elements may be incorporated too, such as knife play or erotic asphyxiation (only for seasoned BDSM players). It’s important to remember that this type of rough play could lead to marks and bruises, which may be difficult to explain!

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Getting the Most from Your Abduction Scene

Not everything in life always happens exactly how you envisage it. You can pack a splendid picnic, and settle down on a grassy knoll, only to be disrupted by a herd of meandering cows. Occasionally, things just don’t go to plan!

Sadly, BDSM play doesn’t always live up to expectations either (especially if it’s a fantasy you’ve been toying with for a while), but there are a few things you can do in advance to help you make the most of your scene, we’ll explore that more now, start by asking yourself:

What Do You Want from Your Abduction Scene?

For BDSM play to live up to your expectations, you need to understand what your expectation are! Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But we often overlook our own desires to fulfil the wishes of others. If you want to get the most from your scene, you both/all need to enjoy it. Abduction fantasies can be intense, so before you do anything else, ask yourselves, what do you want?

This is not the time for bashfulness, discuss your ideal scenario with your partner/fellow players and ensure communication is open and honest. Here are a few things to consider that may help to shape your scene:

Fight or Flight?

When the Dom captures the sub how will the sub react? Does the Dom like the idea of a feisty sub who will put up a fight? Does the sub have visions of running and hiding before being caught?

Partial or Full Restraint?

Does the sub get turned on by the thought of being fully bound and gagged so they are unable to move? Perhaps the Dom prefers the idea of the sub having just their wrists bound so they can be forced to walk or move around.

Senses Intact or Sensory Deprivation?

Will the abductee be blindfolded or hooded? Will he or she have their hands bound so they are unable to touch or earphones over their ears to prevent them from hearing? Would the sub prefer to be fully present for some elements of play? Maybe the Dom would enjoy seeing the look of fear in their eyes!

Resistance or Acceptance?

Would the abductor enjoy hearing the abductee scream and cry out? Would the abductee like to initially put up a fight and then accept their fate? If you choose to incorporate a heady mix of both it’s a good idea to pencil in a point where angry defiance becomes subdued acceptance.

Happy Ending or cliffhanger?

How long will the scene last and more importantly, how will it conclude? Will the abductee be left bound and gagged as the abductor makes a (pretend) exit never to return? Or perhaps the sub will submit fully and the happy pair will consummate their union with hot, passionate sex.

Outline, Prepare and Plan Your Abduction Scene

You know what you both/all want from the scene, but how is it going to play out? You don’t need to come up with a detailed step-by-step outline (writing a script is taking it a bit far)! But it’s a good idea to get the gist of the scene, like any good story you’ll need a start, a beginning, and an end. We’ve put together a few scenario ideas for you, you’ll come across them later on.

The key to any successful scene lies in preparation and planning, and when it comes to abduction play, you’re going to need to do both in abundance if you want to provide your “abductee” with an authentic experience. You’ll need to consider


Location, location, location – they say it’s important, and in abduction play it certainly is. A sub can be abducted from a wide range of locations, from home, from a bar, from work, from a store, from a car park, or while walking home.

However, it’s vital you carry out the abduction privately (or only in front of people who are aware of what’s going on and have consented to be there). Concerned bystanders could intervene or involve the police – a definite mood killer!


Where will you take your sub? If the abduction takes place from the home, you could remain there but it could be fun to try and disorientate the abductee. An unfamiliar setting heightens the senses – it could be enough to blindfold the sub, lead him/her out of the house, go for a short drive around the block and return through the back gate.

If you’re feeling braver you could head to a pre-booked hotel (but be warned - the blindfold might be too much for that) or an apartment (ideally self-check-in)! Alternatively, you could opt for an isolated park or forest. Imagine the fun you could have by taking your captive to a remote cabin in the woods.


The obvious abduction props spring to mind, such as blindfolds and restraints, but there are other items you can add to the mix. Gags and earphones can leave the abductee feeling even more helpless and contained. Props can be used to stage the area too, a mattress on the floor, a rough blanket, a rickety stool, and a bare table can help to reinforce the scene. Want to go the extra mile? A bucket for a toilet could be the answer!


If you’re role-playing the abduction, you could be opting for a jailer/prisoner vibe or a traditional kidnapper look (all black with a ski mask or balaclava). The abductee might be made to swap their clothes for a prison-style jumpsuit, hessian-sack outfit, lacy undies, or absolutely nothing at all.

The abductee might also be made to “tidy themselves up” by dressing up as the abductor requests, this could also include applying make-up and styling hair.


It’s easy to become familiar with your partner, and even though they are blindfolded and can’t see, they might recognise you by touch or smell. If you want to change things up you can disguise the way you look, smell, sound, and even feel.

The abductor can change the way they smell by showering with a different gel and shampoo, using a different deodorant, and splashing on new aftershave. An alternative toothpaste or mouthwash will also prove useful.

Different clothing helps too. Clothing can also be washed in an unfamiliar laundry conditioner to alter the smell, and the abductor can opt for attire they wouldn’t normally wear e.g., a fan of jeans and jumpers could switch to a sharp suit (complete with gloves for added bravado).

It can be difficult to alter your voice, but a stage whisper can throw a captive (especially once they are bound and blindfolded). Heavy breathing can also add to the atmosphere.

Weigh Up Potential Pitfalls

To get the most from your abduction scene it’s a good idea to identify potential pitfalls. Let’s face it, things do go wrong from time to time, but you can plan ahead and you can recover when things don’t go quite right. Here are a few pitfalls to watch out for:

High Emotions

Abduction play can be intense and reactions to a scene or act may differ from expectations. That’s why boundaries and safe words/ safe signals are so important. Aftercare can also help to deliver you to reality afterward.

Nosy Onlookers

The benefit of private play is that you’re hidden from prying eyes. If you take your play public e.g., by carrying out a street abduction, you could land you in trouble with well-meaning vanilla onlookers and law enforcement.

Too Much Too Soon

Incorporating other elements such as knife play and breathe play can be exhilarating, but it’s important you start slowly and build your skill-set before diving in. Start with a simple scenario and if that goes well, add more next time.

Put Together an Abduction Kit

Once you’ve got your concept nailed down and have addressed the risks, you can think about your abduction kit. This needs to be organised and packed ahead of time so that everything is to hand when the big moment arrives. Some items you might want to incorporate:

Give Plenty of Thought to Aftercare

Aftercare is an essential part of BDSM play, as the name suggests it comes after the scene and offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect, reassure and return to reality. Abduction play is emotionally and psychologically intense, so you’ll both need to come down from the ledge. Gentle touching, talking, cuddling, sharing a drink and verbal praise can all work well.

Aftercare needs vary from person to person so talk about what you both need during pre-scene negotiations. Here are a few ideas for your aftercare kit:

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Fantasy Versus Reality

You’ve packed your abduction and aftercare kit and you’re both raring to go. But when, where, and how are you going to carry out the abduction? What will you do with the captive once you’ve captured them? There are plenty of scenarios to explore, here are a few to set your creative juices flowing:

Home Invasion

The breaking and entering fantasy is easy to facilitate, providing you’re breaking into and entering your own home! The abductor can play the part by wearing a ski mask or balaclava and dark clothing to appear intimidating. He or she breaks in and stealthily sneaks around (with a torch for added authenticity). Once the victim has been captured, they can be tied to the bed, gagged, and forced to cooperate as the abductor sees fit.

Taken by Force

How about “surprising” the victim whilst they are out and about by bundling them into a van or car? You can use physical force to ramp the play up Throwing the abductee over one shoulder or roughly pushing them to the floor of the vehicle will add drama. Providing you’ve gained consent you could use a knife (blunt is safer) to amplify the fear factor. Tie up your captive, gag them, throw a blanket over their head and whisk them away.

Drugged and Docile

This one may sound controversial, but remember this is role play, no real drugs should be used! As the abductor, you can use a wet cloth to imitate chloroform, place your hand over the cloth and clamp it over the victim’s mouth for an authentic experience. Another fun rouse is to use imitation tablets (small sweets or white sweeteners should do the trick).

Gang Abduction

This scenario requires detailed planning and a few helpful (and consenting) kinky friends. Instead of kidnapping your victim send others to do the job for you. You can still be involved or watch from a distance, but the fun element is derived from the captive not knowing who is doing the capturing! Alternatively, you could hire BDSM professionals to carry out the kidnapping, or at least assist.

Forced Sex

Abduction play lends itself well to rape, and providing you’ve both agreed to forced sex up front, you can have a great deal of fun with this scenario. You can even tack this on to the gang abduction dynamic, and suggest the group threatens to strip the abductee and use them for sex. The abductor can stay very quiet and take the place of the group member(s) – this might be a good time to indicate they should leave! The captive will then feel very vulnerable as they are stripped, used, and abused.

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Fantasy Versus Reality

No matter how much you plot and plan you can’t be 100% certain about how the scenario will go. You might have thought about your abduction fantasy in minute detail over the years, but the reality might prove different.

When you’re engaging in intense play you might experience equally intense emotions you’re not prepared for. The abductor might feel alarmed by the victim’s distress or worried they will hurt their victim too much. These heightened emotions might prevent the abductor from relaxing and enjoying proceedings.

Similarly, the abductee might feel overwhelmed by being pushed around. A scene might break down due to excessive emotions and result in upset or even nervous laughter. If this happens it’s not the end of the world! Enter into aftercare and when you’re feeling comfortable have a chat about what went well and where things went off plan. You can always give it another go at a later date.

Building the Foundations of Superb Seduction Play

Interested in trying out abduction play? Or any other fantasy? Then you’re in for a treat, providing you build solid foundations before you dive in for fun. We’ve covered the main points – consent, communication and negotiation (don’t forget the safe word), preparation and planning.

When you’re planning a more extreme session, such as abduction play, you might want to start slowly (especially if you’re new to this type of fun).

Kick things off with a few sessions of power play, such as tying with a rope or blindfolding and gagging. You can both weigh up how you feel, and determine how to tailor the play to suit your needs.

This should set you on the right path to ramp things up, preparing you for the sort of emotions you might feel when you engage in abduction or other edge play. Happy kidnapping!

By Astolaine

A submissive in a 24/7 TPE marriage spanning twenty years, astolaine strives to serve and obey her beloved Sir. However, she does have a playful, bratty streak - which occasionally gets her into trouble. A fan of exploring the bright, bold world of kink, astolaine and her Sir regularly indulge in play, attending parties and events to complement their dynamic.

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