The Beauty Of Corsets

Leather Corset
Leather Corset

While no one knows the exact origins of the corset, some evidence has shown simple corsets were being wore in Ancient Greece. The use of corsets became more evident around the 16th century but did not become popular and a common article of clothing until the early to mid 1800’s. It’s purpose was to cinch a waist to help form the extremely small waist desired on women of the period and enhance the feminine curves. It was quickly discovered that some women enjoyed the sensation of being ‘held’ or ‘hugged’ and it was believe that a corset could also improve back problems. While not an everyday article of clothing today, corsets still play an important role in most Dominant and submissive relationships.

Since it typically takes time and effort to get into and out of a corset the simple act of dressing or undressing can take on a whole new aspect, and is a large part of many couples foreplay. For the submissive being dressed in a corset by their Dom/me, they can feel the gradual increase in control with a sense of comfort in the restriction. The submissive dressing a Dominatrix in a corset, can pleasure of serving their Dominant and getting them ready for the session ahead. A perfect warmup to any Dom/sub session.

Brocade & Leather Corset
Brocade & Leather Corset

When wearing a corset outside of the bedroom, the wearer will need to be more careful of how they are moving in their day to day lives. This acts as a constant reminder of the slave’s position in the relationship and can also create a sensation of constant control that can be an everyday task or a special request from the Dominant.

In addition, corsets are an accepted form of everyday wear at certain events, so the wearing of one can be a public display of the slave’s obedience to a Dominant, even if it is not expressed to others that are present. A slave that wears a corset out to a club, for example, will need to move in a dainty manner as well as be easily controlled by others who might touch or hold them.

For Domme’s a corset is perfect for enhancing a woman’s shapely curves and accentuating the beautiful lines that make a submissive drool. Not many submissives can resist a Dominatrix in a beautiful corset. In fact, the corset has become a staple of both the Dominatrix and submissive wardrobe because of the elegant shape and vast variety of designs.

Leather & Brocade Underbust Corset
Leather & Brocade Underbust Corset

With corsets, you can add a special glamorous touch to your bedroom play or to your public appearances. In any case, corsets can be used as simply decoration or for more intense play scenes. With each movement, the slave is reminded of their corset and the control that it is inflicting on them. For the Dominatrix, it radiates her beauty and power.

The one problem with corsets can be the price. One corset can range from $350 – $800. This means that most people only have one corset sitting in their closet. Variety tends to be the spice of life when it comes to Dom/sub sessions. Pulling out the same corset day after day can become boring quickly. Stop spending a fortune on corsets and limiting your fetish fashions. Have a look at O/our selection of Beautiful and Elegant Corsets. This way you can have a number of different corsets within your wardrobe, so you can bring a different flavor to each session you have.

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Mistress Brianne

Soft Touch Vinyl Corset
Soft Touch Vinyl Corset


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  2. Love your training Emails, I get them and take them to heart and apply them asap. The DOM/sub is why my GF and I got back together after one week of being split up living together is was your site and my research of (Now both) but this is why our relationship was only totally emotional/monetary/domestic just missing the me being DOM. Ty for your email training.

    We both love it

  3. I’ve been in the lifestyle for 40 years and thought I new most but signed up for Your site and learned so much more I like the different corset now I know what i’m going to buy for my Mistress . Thank U

  4. I have learned much more from you about becoming an acceptable and knowledgeable Slave/Sub than I have “ever” learned from any other source. I believe that I am nearly ready! Thank you so much and keep it up. You have a “very” avid pupil here!

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