Commanding Euphoria

Domination can take control of many different aspects of your life but My favorite way is through orgasm control. When you are performing tasks for your Dominant your mind can wander from time to time. By the time you have finished your task you can forget why you were doing it in the first place. There is no doubt why you are doing it or who has control when it comes to orgasm control.

While orgasm control is a very difficult and extremely lengthy process to teach, it is also the most rewarding experiences a submissive will ever experience. Only a very few dedicated submissives ever get to truly experience the pleasure found from this form of control.

What is Orgasm Control: It is a form of submissive training when a submissive freely gives up control of their own orgasms. This means when, where and how. A submissive is not allowed to touch themselves without permission and/or orgasm without permission. When this becomes much more fun for the Dominant is when after much time and intense training that a submissive finally is able to orgasm solely from their Dominant’s command. No stimulation or physical contact at all, just one single command for a submissive to orgasm.Orgasm Control proves how the mind is the biggest sex organ in the body.

Many women have never had an orgasm ever or they take a very long time to reach an orgasm. Since it’s so hard for a woman to orgasm people believe that orgasm control is just not possible or a myth the same way the G-spot was thought to be a myth.

Not only is it possible to make a submissive woman orgasm on command it is one of the most intense sexual experiences you will ever have. Listen to what sub samantha had to say about her experiences in the BDSM Training Academy’s Female Submissive Training.

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“Sex can be a very frustrating pastime, you read about all the amazing sex that characters have, you watch porn where women just keep on going and scream out in ecstasy and then you look at your own experiences where everything becomes far more prosaic. I always believed that there was more to sex than I had been led to believe by friends and family, but every stupid fumble in the dark just left me even more disheartened and disappointed. I also found that my body just shut down if I actually managed to achieve an orgasm, which isn’t the best thing to have happen if your partner still wants to carry on; it can make things very difficult.

Entering into training with Master Bishop I really hoped that he would be able to help me with understanding my body and to become a more fully rounded sexual being. I had spent some time with a Master a year or two before and knew that I enjoyed being a submissive but it had been a very low key relationship and I wanted to learn more. I knew there was a whole world of experiences that I was missing out on, could an online Master help me?

The training I receive from Master Bishop is beautifully organized and from the start he pushed me to explore my own body and its femininity. He showed me how to take better care of myself and gave me just the start I needed to begin a healthy eating and fitness plan. Somehow it was so much easier to stay on track knowing that Master Bishop had told me how to eat rather than trying to survive on my own willpower alone. It wasn’t long before a new healthier and happier body began to emerge from under the fat that had accumulated over the last few years.

As the training progressed Master Bishop began to take more control of my body and I found myself happy to give it up to him, hadn’t he already given me a slimmer figure, what else could he show me if I let him. The first time Master Bishop commanded me to come I felt as though everything suddenly made sense. I had been on my own for a while and had of course masturbated and brought myself to orgasm but controlled orgasms are so much more satisfying. Looking back I can see how important it was that I got used to obeying Master Bishop and ensuring that I only ever achieved an orgasm at his command. I could play with my pussy at his behest for as long as he desired and only when he commanded would my body explode into orgasm.

It became clear very quickly that it was far more fulfilling to orgasm at Master Bishop’s command than to give myself orgasms. Then there came the lesson when he modified his command, for weeks I had touched myself as he ordered and brought myself to a climax on his request, now just as I was on the brink of an orgasm, he ordered me to stop touching myself; I obeyed and then heard his command to come. My body responded even as my brain questioned whether it could, I couldn’t breathe and it was though something exploded in my head. This orgasm was unlike any other I had ever experienced, it came from deep within me and I could almost feel myself disappearing into it. My body kept responding to Master Bishop’s command, the orgasm rolled on for a few minutes with my whole body experiencing an ecstasy which had been totally unknown until that point. I didn’t want the orgasm to finish yet when it did and I began to catch my breath and become aware of my surroundings again, the next amazing thing happened, as I came down from the orgasm and my body relaxed feeling totally satisfied I knew that at the same time it hadn’t shut down, my body was still ready for sex. The gift was incredible, now if I ever found myself in the middle of a scenario with a Dom I would be able to continue to serve him, I was fast becoming a far better sub than I could ever have been before.

It was what I had hoped for at the beginning of the training, my body was being controlled by someone else and I was loving it. You spend so much time in your life stressing about how you look, how you respond to everyday situations, now all that has been taken away. Someone else cares about you; someone else tells you how to look after yourself, how to present yourself to the word and how to react. People start to notice too, I have received more compliments about my body, more comments on how happy and contented I seem, how graceful and feminine I am becoming than ever before in my life. If this is what giving up control of my body can give me then I gladly do so.

I can hear people wondering if what I have just described is actually possible, can a person come solely on command, with no stimulus. The stimulus is actually still there; my pussy is more alive than ever before, getting ready for my weekly lesson starts the process, then just hearing Master Bishop’s voice is enough to start my pussy becoming wet and ready for whatever he wishes me to do. I have become a far more sexual woman and my body is hungry for the gift of an orgasm from Master Bishop. Becoming so turned on, knowing that Master Bishop wants to have a sub ready for him means that it is only a very short step to that body responding exactly as he wants. It is also such an amazing pay off, I cannot begin to explain just how much more exciting the orgasms I have now are than in my life before Master Bishop. His training is making me a far more sensual, interesting and graceful woman and for that there are not enough words of thanks available.

Master Bishop, of course, didn’t stop at just giving me amazing orgasms he began to take me further, he showed me how my body would respond to his voice under different circumstances, how pleasure could be found in pain and restraint. I became used to having my body obey his command, the freedom of simply obeying and coming upon his command was so fulfilling for me. I had changed so much over the months I had spent on my training and I was still hungry for more.

Then during one lesson I came as he commanded but then he told me to come a second time and my body did so, I couldn’t believe it, never before had I ever managed multiple orgasms and here was my body coming and coming again and again, I was blown away. I wanted to run out into the street and tell the whole world what had just happened to me. I finished the lesson still reeling from the whole experience and so excited about what was happening to me. Me, the woman who had seemed to have given up on life and sex was becoming a truly sexual submissive woman brimming with excitement for life and all it could bring to her. I hadn’t actually realized just how lost I had become, oh I went through life and all its paces but nothing reached me and I was beginning to fade into the back ground of existence, which I assure you is not a nice place to be. Now I was taking more care of myself, walking taller and starting to take life by the scruff of the neck again and say to the world that life was good and exciting. Becoming a submissive had not caged me in, rather it had broken through walls that I had put up around myself and demanded that I started to become more aware of who I was and where I was going.

Did I see this coming when I signed up for the training with Mister Bishop? I thought I would listen to him for a few weeks, have a bit of fun and then get bored, which is pretty much what happens with most of the projects I start. Now, though I am into my fifth month of training and I am happier, healthier and more satisfied than I have been in a long time. I have had times where the training has been difficult and challenging, I would be a liar if I said it had all been plain sailing, but the level of support I have received from Master Bishop is wonderful. He understands that I am fallible and insecure and he lifts me up and helps me through the difficult times. Giving up control of my body to Master Bishop has to be the best thing I have ever done for myself and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me in the future. I never thought that I would be truly happy as a submissive, Master Bishop has proved me wrong, my body and mind are stronger, clearer and more sexual than ever before in my life and long may it continue.”


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